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Mine has music issues, although not in the same way. Each time I start a level I'll have to wait a varying amount of time before the music starts, anywhere up to ten seconds I'd say. 360 version.

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Original Assassin's Creed - bought the second game and knew I'd never touch the first again once I played the second. And I was right! 
Lately I've been trying to finish a lot more of the games I buy and there's been a few. Yoshi's Island DS, Goldeneye Rogue Agent (yeck), Halo, Kameo, GTA4, Comic Jumper, Splosion Man, Sonic 2, Monkey Island 2. Some of those were pretty good overall and if I were 12 years old again I probably would have taken my time and enjoyed them a bit more.

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@Sweep said:
" If you pull out the cable whilst trading pokemon it gets cloned and you both get to keep a copy. "
Only that one actually worked if timed right :/
On the note of catching pokemon I remember it either being B and down or A+B and down here. Not sure which, think that super effective comic is messing with my memories. :[
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Always put on subtitles.
I don't have a preference for inverted camera or regular; it generally depends on what I've been playing lately. So if I jump into a new game and I was playing with the camera inverted in the last game I played, I'll invert it.
I have a tendency now to allow achievements to change the way I'd normally play through a game, alter the choices I'd normally make. :/
Edit: okay, I take off all the stickers too. Also go the wrong way whenever possible just to check whether I'm missing anything, old gamer's habit I suppose.

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Yes, Street Fighter is the one for me too.
Otherwise I have some friends who are big on RPGs like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, but it's been rather hard trying to get them into the SMT games, or even games like Chrono Trigger.

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Please don't compare Bayonetta to Ivy again :(

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I love this. I love this so much.

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@Twazuk: ah ok, fair enough then.
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@Khann said:
" Game is garbage. "
Mind enlightening those of us who don't have access to it?