My Top 100 Favourite Games of All Time

This list used to be about my top 50 games ever, but since Giant Bomb wants me to put 95 items into a list for a new quest I thought hey, why the hell not? Keep in mind I revise this list every now and then, check back frequently to see changes.

A few things of note:

  • Do not try to disagree with this list. It is made up of my personal preferences and is not trying to tell you what your favourite games should be.
  • This list is subject to change at any time.
  • I try to wait three months after having first played a game before I decide whether or not to add it to the list, and after this three month period I try to play the game at least once to see if it still lives up to the hype I had for it upon first playing.

I'm currently revising this to version 56.0 so there's 103 items at the moment, will fix that soon...

List items

Posted by armaan8014

Wow. You must have spent a LOT of time on this list!

Posted by Kowbrainz
@armaan8014: well, little by little I guess. It's been up for a while, I just edit things and shuffle games around every now and then when I see fit. But thanks all the same. :)
Posted by Jost1

Well put together list!

Posted by Kowbrainz
@josty81:  thanks a lot. :)
Posted by Siphillis

So glad to see some love for Diddy's Kong Quest.

Posted by zpa

love the list! I pretty much agree with every game on this list (well the one's I've played xD) but some others that I haven't played I am tempted to try out now! Thank you!