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Maybe someone should explain to Sony that PC gamers have money too? And if they manage an actually decent port, then those PC gamers might very well be willing to part with this money. Next time any of you are over at Mr & Mrs Sony's house for dinner, I'd appreciate it if you brought this up.

I told Mr. Sony about your theory, but he just said: "what do you think the point of an exclusive game is silly?", there are people buying PS4s just for Bloodborne, those people are probably worth alot more to Sony than some copies sold to PC gamers.

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@slang_n_bang: Obviously the majority of all games will be multiplatform, I suspect most people that chose console over PC just don't want to fiddle with drivers etc. There are smaller type games that won't be on last gen or PC that I am looking forward to, games like Rime, The Tomorrow Children, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, Galak-Z and Alienation seem much more interesting to me than most AAA retail games.

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This article would make sense if it was written for a big mainstream audience where a game dosn't exist if it dosn't release at retail. Plenty of awesome looking smaller budget games are coming this year, or are they not worth the time or money?

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I still have no idea why anyone over the age of fourteen would find wrestling appealing, but I do enjoy hearing Jeff and Dan talk about it.

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Could all the "JRPG" snobs please help me define what that actually entails? I am very curious to know.

Anyway it was a tough choice between P5 or Bloodborne, ended up picking Bloodborne.

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@trafalgarlaw: I kinda care about Sony lying about the resolution, do I care about KZ? Nah, hopefully it gets a very long break now.

Did you buy KZ on the promise of 1080p in MP?

I didn't buy KZ I dont even have a PS4 (yet). I'm not sure what point you are trying to get across, the technical part of video games are very important so lying about it(or anything else for that matter) is kind of a big deal.

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@trafalgarlaw: I kinda care about Sony lying about the resolution, do I care about KZ? Nah, hopefully it gets a very long break now.

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Actually many noticed that Killzone's MP looked blurrier than the SP, but most thought it was bad AA and didn't bother pixel counting because they were told by Sony it was 1080p. But hey keep fighting the good fight Syed, one day, they will all see the truth, and you can claim victorious.

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You guys are getting worked up over nothing, she got her clicks, the game got more coverage over this fake controversy and will probably sell slightly better because of it. Meanwhile the rational people left can laugh at this "article" and avoid this apparently very mediocre game.

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Video game "journalism" is dead because must of them would rather be in game development, why would you piss off your perhaps future employer.