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Well considering I am aware enough to sniff out the bias inherent in ad-driven media, I'll pass on paying a premium for an "independent" news-source.  Whatever that means.

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I love it because it is a fresh take on an oldschool style of gaming.

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@Prolix said:
" Glad to see it.  Last thing I want to watch for 10 hours, is the back of a black guys head or the ass of a fat plaid wearing bull dyke.    Not to mention how Italians, Irish, Russian and all other European immigrants are treating in modern movies and games.  They are no more "White," than I am an albino crab cake.  Your retarded is you think a Russian mobster is "white" or an Italian American is corn bread.    Just ask Scorsese.  The fact that you agree and give out sweeping generalizations on white people, only proves your ignorance and racist patterns.     Grow Up Giant Bomb and 4/10 to OP for taking advantage of this sites impulsive and ignorant nature.    Anyone else care to cherry pick? "
I feel so sorry for you, for reasons you couldn't even begin to understand.
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@normalpants: I agree with you that the game is great.  I am kind of happy for the middling reviews, because it really lowered my expectations and so I find myself blown away!  I haven't finished the game yet, but it is a lot of fun.  I don't find the controls to be cumbersome at all (but maybe I haven't gotten stuck yet) and the voice acting/story is no worse than any other game on the market that isn't made by Bioware or Naughty Dog.  My only real complaint is the stupid "hidden pictures" sections where you have to find whatever the hell you are supposed to find with little prompting.
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@Allprox: 1) I don't think saying that I'm not excited is pointless, it generated discussion along the lines I was hoping for (except for the overly defensive fanbois). 
2) I hope I better articulated why I am not excited.  I don't expect everyone to agree, that's cool.  That's what opinions are all about.  You should try to chill and be more comfortable with other peoples' opinions, especially those that don't affect you in any way.  It helps you to grow as a person.  Plus it will help you keep your blood pressure in check ;). 
3) When I eventually play Bioshock: Infinite - and I am sure I will - if the mechanics are fun and have changed enough to feel like a different game, I will be the first to come in here and say it's a great game.  But I'm an old gamer who has been around the block and have been burned often enough by sequels and retreads.  Is it not natural for my excitement to be lessened by that "Bioshock" title?
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@Allprox: I don't know who in this thread was ripping on Bioshock, but I will say that I did enjoy the first two games.  I actually like the gameplay of 2 more, even though the setting wasn't as fresh and the story wasn't as good.  I am not excited for another Bioshock game this soon because 1) I would love to see Irrational focus their efforts on another type of game, because they are a talented group of programmers that have done more than just System/Bioshock games and 2) I feel like there is a real danger that they are just putting new window dressing on a core mechanic that I have already played twice.  Maybe in two years, I'll be ready for it again, but right now I am not excited.  I simply don't see how my lack of excitement is "ripping on Bioshock".
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You know, I actually think it will be a great game.  I mean, I think Starcraft 2 is probably a great game, but I am not excited to play that, either.  Excitement is purely subjective.  I am not excited about Bioshock: Infinite and I hoped to be excited today.  I don't see how that is an assailable position.
My lack of enthusiasm is due to the fact that there was such much hype surrounding this mystery reveal, and it just turned out to be a Bioshock sequel.  Now people can say, "Oh but it will be so much different!"  Well that's fine, I am sure there will be some differences.  One must ask oneself though, if it is going to be *that* different, why are they calling it Bioshock?  In that case, it's cashing in on brand recognition, and that isn't praiseworthy either.

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@The_Laughing_Man: You guys are cracking me up.  You know you're a hopeless fanboy when... 
Where did I say that I hate the game or that I think it will be bad?  Grow up, chilluns.
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@FluxWaveZ: Well I am sure the site was hit really hard by traffic...can't blame them for that.  I am more concerned that they are doing yet another Bioshock game.
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If I wanted to be cool, I would respond to someone else's honest opinion-driven topic by being an insufferable douchebag.  Next time, I'll learn from the best.