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@Pie said:
" Prince of persia, after reading through all of these who did like PoP? "
I loved that game.  I think you really have to be into the reduced play mechanic.  If you treat it more like a rhythm game and try not to expect complicated platforming, you can find some enjoyment in it, I think.
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@TheGreatGuero said:
" I very rarely regret buying games, actually. Anyway, here's what I believe are the only 3 games I regret ever getting.  Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) Viewtiful Joe (Gamecube) Soul Calibur 2 (Gamecube)  I didn't really like any of them. If I had rented them first, I definitely wouldn't have bought them. "
I don't understand people that don't like SMG.  Really? Really?  That game is pretty much universally revered as close-to-perfect 3D platforming.  Do you dislike the genre?
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@ArbitraryWater said:
" Far Cry 2. That game is not so great. "
I just picked that game up for $20.  I have been REALLY trying to like it, but it just...won't...let me.
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I work with a few Germans.  They actually do appear a bit uncomfortable when WW2 comes up.  I can't really blame them.  I get uncomfortable when people discuss GW and he wasn't even 1/100 as bad as the Nazis.

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I am currently playing Far Cry 2 - and it is fun enough - but it is silly that the game proposes that I carefully plan out a stealthy plan of attack at some locale, but the moment I take a fucking shot every baddie in a 2 mile radius is on my ass like white on rice.
I have taken to lighting everything on fire and shooting the fleeing bastards in the back.  Less subtle, but it gets the job done :P

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Manhunt 2 on Wii made my eyes bleed...does that count?

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Even though RE:4 is like my favorite game ever, I thought the end boss was weak and anticlimactic.
Resistance 2 had a really annoying endboss, although the part that comes after is cool.
For how difficult Bowser's castle is in SMB3 (as well as the fortress that precedes it), Bowser is a freakin' cakewalk.
Ditto on Mario Galaxy.
And many more...

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@oldschool said:
" @jukezypoo said:
" @oldschool said:
" @keyhunter said:
" @PureRok: You should probably learn to read before you go on saying something in reply to what I said. "
I am just curious though - are you saying that the 50 million plus sales are a fabrication?  Is that the same for Xbox 360 and PS3?  Could you provide me with some kind of link that purports to show that there hasn't been 50 million plus Wiis sold throughout the world? "
I think what he is referring to is the graph showing the amount of playing time per (week? month? dunno) that was put out recently. I'll try to find the link to the article, but it showed that the wii had less playing time, on average, than even the gamecube and original xbox. "
That isn't sales as a fabrication though.  As for play time, sure, some people are not hardcore gamers and they are the new market, so they don't play as much, plus, that is reliant on people being online as well (who is to say the new audience use the Wii online).  Hardly comparable to "everyone hasn't played it since launch".  Extreme statements are hardly conducive to sensible debate.  I would just like him to explain his commentsso I can understand his point. "
Aw come on guys, don't feed the troll.  Sometimes when somebody says something *that* demonstrably false, it's okay to just let it slide.  He'll defend that comment to the grave, and feel like he won.  It's the ugly thing about internet anonymity.
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@crusader8463:  Heh, I was thinking of that comic too. 
But the prison thing turned out to be a BAD idea!
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Moved out when I was 17.  Except for a few months before graduate school, I haven't lived with my parents in over 10 years.