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Yes one of my fears got brought out while I was playing Batman Arkham City.

Sort of spoilers I guess (It's kind of a jump scare part)

Well I have a sort of fear of life size dinosaur statues, they really creep me out. And in Arkham city when you first enter the Museum you walk down a hallway and a T-Rex statue pops out of nowhere at you. I turned around and ran halfway down the hallway before I turned back and went through with it ha ha. I spent the rest of the Museum part crouched going very slowly waiting for something else like that to happen.

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I liked what I played of Damnation

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I was semi excited for the trailer. Don't care one bit now. But we'll see once more gets released if that changes, hard to tell from one trailer.

In the trailer the guy said he had a family, I kinda hope they die early on so it won't be as weird if I go on a shooting spree and come home to lil jimmy and suzie lol.

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I'm downloading it now.

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Berserk was alright when I watched it. So I guess that's something.

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That would suck. I wanted to give it a try

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The Orc in the second picture looks like Ron Perlman. I think I'm totally gonna make an Orc.

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I think the worst are all the creeper/fetish skins.

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The Detroit Lions have been my favorite sports team forever. And it's football season.

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It really depends where it is. If it's in my bedroom then it's a kill every single time. If it's on the ground it's a kill. Anywhere else I let it be.