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I wonder if Cyghfer got burned out with Alttp after the run at the last AGDQ (in case you didn't watch it; he was on route to get a new WR, but then was unlucky and had to backtrack some two minutes). Too bad he's not commenting.

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@demoskinos: You know there won't be a change.

I wish Drew would have set this up...

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The setup this year is absolutely horrendous and a complete mood killer. I can only hope they realize it's complete shit and creates a depressing and boring atmosphere.It absolutely blows my mind that anybody thought this was a good idea to make it look like some kind of closed off and dark cinema room, instead of a fun and brightly lit room full of friends. Half of the fun was watching the people in the background doing stupid stuff.

For the people that don't know, this is how it looked last year:

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Best list of the GB crew imo.

No gone hobo and otherwise mostly GAMES with actual GAMEPLAY.

There's a reason why Jeff is the boss.

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So what is the Citizen Kane of paintings ?

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Noooo Drew, you can't do this to me...

I am kinda disappointed with this list, especially seeing gone hobo on it.

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PLEASE stop saying "YouTube does blabla"...

It's GOOGLE that has been pulling the strings for a few years now and it's become very apparent that that company is run by disgusting assholes and don't give a single shit about their customers.

When they announced that YT was sold to Google, I knew the site will go to shit sooner or later.

Yeah, the server upgrades and higher upload limits were great, but everything else went to shit.

Google has really become the biggest asshole in the industry, even dethroning microsoft.

Luckily I don't own any of their products.

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@irrationalbee said:


The point I'm trying to make here is that there are TONS of gay comedians who can both make jokes about their sexuality, and take jokes about their sexuality being made. As of right now there really aren't that many for trans people, so any joke that gets made about us automatically gets people who, while having the best intentions at heart, needlessly defend us for a joke that was not remotely offensive, such as the jokes Joel made tonight.

Thank you for saying this.

Whenever a straight person says this, they get "jerk-shammed", so to say.

Being overly p.c. is annoying and I personally love to laugh at myself or when Dave Chappelle or Key & Peele make fun of white people. Because that's exactly the great thing to do; if you joke about clichées, you also take away their power to some degree.

And what Joel McHale said at the VGX was in no way even the least amount offensive. It was a tiny comment and nothing more.

If you keep being needlessly defensive about the tiniest things, then nobody will take you seriously. It's also why I absolutely can't stand Klepek and just can't take him seriously.

Here's a picture I've saved from somebody in a thread yesterday:

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Wow, this isn't fucking over-complicated at all...

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I don't know if this has been posted on the board before, though it's highly likely... but anyway !

During the SDA marathon several runners gave a shout-out to Ryan (e.g. Duke during his Hotline Miami SR).

But, more importantly, people donate for his name as the choice for horse in Zelda TP, which seemingly he doesn't win, and the character name in the Dark Souls run, which he clearly won.

So far people donated 1344,50$ "in his name" for Doctors Without Borders.

I'm pretty sure he'd be pretty damn proud of this.

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