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Priced to fail.

I bet they sell hundreds.

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Unfortunate and weird that they're not opening the discounted sub price to all users, since it's never been an issue in the past. This is the only site I subscribe to, and have for the past 3 years, would be nice to get some recognition for that when the deals are happening.

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Does the shirt not come in 5x at all or did they really just sell out that fast?

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To be honest

We remain committed to ensuring the best possible solution for developers and hobbyists to create games for Xbox One

doesn't exactly scream "We're still doing this!" to me, it's almost as vague as the original statement that caused the perceived confusion.

I thought this sounded more like a bullet point for future possibilities when it was announced, and I still think it's probably more that than anything at this point. I would say that if Sony came out and announced that they were turning PS4s into devkits, too. When they first announced it, there were blurred lines across articles as to whether it was going to be a full devkit conversion or some sort of debug console, if anything comes of this in the long term, my money is on debug more than full out dev.

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Although I beat Demons Souls completely by myself, I'm into the Souls games more for the exploration than fighting the same boss 10+ times to beat them, so I will usually fight a boss 2-3 times and then call in 1-2 phantoms if I just want to get through it at that point and move on to the next area.

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No local MP, no leaderboards, and some pretty noticeable framerate issues to boot.

Why EA based Popcap, why?

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Mine changed to shipped earlier this afternoon. Scheduled to show up at my office on Friday. Looking forward to spending some time with it over the weekend.

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Hauled my Vita into the office with me to try out Remote Play over the internet. I'm around 15 miles between work and home, have a 25/5Mbps DSL connection at home and 5 bonded T-1 connections at the office. Initially had some issues with my Netgear not allowing the connection to the PS4, but it turned out to be a bum beta firmware upgrade, and once I downgraded to the previous official release, I was able to connect perfectly with uPnP enabled on the router. Played about 45 minutes of Lego Marvel Super Heroes sitting in my office at work on my lunch break, and it seemed identical to when I was using it with DirectWifi sitting on my couch at home.

Tech is solid if you have the bandwidth on both ends to handle it for sure. Saw a video of a guy playing Resogun on his Vita over an LTE connection, which was pretty crazy.

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Amazon is getting pelted with 1-star reviews from people with DOA units. Been running mine pretty much constantly for around 6 hours with no issues, have played KZ, Knack, DCUO, Resogun, and Contrast, no issues to speak of (knock on wood). Hopefully the numbers of defective units aren't as bad as they look right now.

Sounds like Sony sold a metric f-ton of these things, so even if they sold a million and 10,000 were defective, that's still only 1%, but it's going to seem like so much more because of how vocal people with issues tend to be online these days. Not that that's a bad thing, but hopefully this isn't going to turn into a long term reliability issue.

Decided to go ahead and pick up the 2-year extended warranty on mine regardless though. Have never bothered with a previous console launch (launch 60GB PS3 still going strong), but something tells me this might be the generation that makes it worthwhile.

Good luck to the op and anyone else with similar problems, hopefully things get straightened out and people can get back to enjoying the games.