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That red one is , got me one.

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If H1Z1's current state (which they're selling access to) is any indication, I'm thinking Sony made out better on this deal.

I played Daybreak tho, so the naming might be apt.

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Makes sense for Patrick, who is a highly skilled writer whose talents likely get lost in the shuffle here on GB where most of the value is put in a/v based content.

Hope him the best, I do read Kotaku quite a bit, so I look forward to seeing his stuff.

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Am I the only one that wants to hear her sing Lionel Richie's Dancing on the Ceiling?

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Reviews aside, what I've heard from people playing the game, even offline, they love it, very reminiscent of PGR or NFS: Shift.

It sucks that the servers are having issues, they should have run like a weekend beta or something to gauge server load, but it is what it is at this point, and holding off on the free Plus version until they can resolve existing issues for paying customers is the right move, regardless of how much it might piss off people who want to try it out for free at this point.

I'm not even a big racing fan and have no intention of buying this, but stuff like this looks amazing and makes me kind of want to play it anyway. Hopefully they'll have things in hand by the weekend and can roll out the Plus version.

And yes, communication on this has sucked, as communication from Sony is always severely lacking. No defense for that, especially seeing their support reps continue to tell people the Plus version would be out "within the hour" last night over and over when clearly that wasn't the case.

This is sucky. Whatever the situation... sounds like DriveClub should of just been cancelled instead of delayed.

Diablo 3 on the PC was almost completely unusable for 2 days after launch, a lot of big games that have come out with a large online component have been, should they have cancelled Diablo 3?

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Priced to fail.

I bet they sell hundreds.

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Unfortunate and weird that they're not opening the discounted sub price to all users, since it's never been an issue in the past. This is the only site I subscribe to, and have for the past 3 years, would be nice to get some recognition for that when the deals are happening.

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Does the shirt not come in 5x at all or did they really just sell out that fast?

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To be honest

We remain committed to ensuring the best possible solution for developers and hobbyists to create games for Xbox One

doesn't exactly scream "We're still doing this!" to me, it's almost as vague as the original statement that caused the perceived confusion.

I thought this sounded more like a bullet point for future possibilities when it was announced, and I still think it's probably more that than anything at this point. I would say that if Sony came out and announced that they were turning PS4s into devkits, too. When they first announced it, there were blurred lines across articles as to whether it was going to be a full devkit conversion or some sort of debug console, if anything comes of this in the long term, my money is on debug more than full out dev.

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Although I beat Demons Souls completely by myself, I'm into the Souls games more for the exploration than fighting the same boss 10+ times to beat them, so I will usually fight a boss 2-3 times and then call in 1-2 phantoms if I just want to get through it at that point and move on to the next area.