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@Alphazero said:
Any word on an L.A.Noire freezing patch? I'm starting to regret getting the one disk PS3 version.
People reporting freezing in the 360 version as well, so I dunno that would do you much good.
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Gimme something...anything.


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What the hell happened to Atari...again?

And then again.

 Nolan Bushnell obviously needs more control over there.

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A selection of 10 games to choose 2 from would have been better. 5 is fine, but yeah, you're going to have people who have them all.  I have 2 of them, so not a huge deal to me, but a smaller pool makes it more likely that you'll have people who already own everything you're offering.

Honestly, other than just throwing money in peoples' PSN wallets, which is crazy and is not going to happen, Sony's never going to satisfy everyone. It's unfortunate, but there you go. If you've ever spent 2 seconds following any one politician, you already know what that feels like.

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@Andorski said:

Wasn't the PS3 the lead platform too?  Makes me curios as to how the 360 version performs.

According to the review on the site, the 360 version's framerate issues are worse.

' Having spent a lot of time with both versions of L.A. Noire, the PlayStation 3 game is the clear-cut winner. Both versions of the game look fantastic, but there were a few instances of painful frame rate drops and objects drawing in too slowly on the Xbox that didn't exist on the PS3. Also, the shadows look a bit more jagged."
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 There should be an option for him to take care of himself.

"Don't come in, I'm scanning planets!"

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Tempted to pick up Infamous even tho I own the disc version, just so I can have it on the HD.

Most are older games, but pretty much all of them are good to great titles. Good on Sony, at least Elephunk isn't in there.

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@RobertOrri said:
The free copy of Infamous actually looks like a clever marketing ploy to drum up interest for the sequel.

Oh well, can't hold that against them.
It's also $10 at Best Buy this week, and it's an awesome game. Can't wait for Infamous 2.
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Can't wait to check it out. When they released the Special Edition of The Mist on DVD and BD, it came with a B&W version of the movie since Darabont really wanted to film it in B&W from the get go but the studio wouldn't allow him to. It added a lot to the film when I watched it in B&W since the tone and setting of the movie was intended to be shot that way.

Hope they do a good job in this situation w/ the B&W, I would totally play through the full game that way if so.