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 There should be an option for him to take care of himself.

"Don't come in, I'm scanning planets!"

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Tempted to pick up Infamous even tho I own the disc version, just so I can have it on the HD.

Most are older games, but pretty much all of them are good to great titles. Good on Sony, at least Elephunk isn't in there.

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@RobertOrri said:
The free copy of Infamous actually looks like a clever marketing ploy to drum up interest for the sequel.

Oh well, can't hold that against them.
It's also $10 at Best Buy this week, and it's an awesome game. Can't wait for Infamous 2.
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Can't wait to check it out. When they released the Special Edition of The Mist on DVD and BD, it came with a B&W version of the movie since Darabont really wanted to film it in B&W from the get go but the studio wouldn't allow him to. It added a lot to the film when I watched it in B&W since the tone and setting of the movie was intended to be shot that way.

Hope they do a good job in this situation w/ the B&W, I would totally play through the full game that way if so.

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PS3, since I usually buy my multiplat games on the PS3, unless there's a driving reason not to. 1 disc vs. 3 did help the decision, as did the exclusive DLC, whenever we can get to that. Sounds like there's plenty to do in the meantime.

Sounds like from Brad's review that visually and performance wise, the PS3 version is the winner this time around anyway, so I guess I made the right choice.

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Picked this up over the weekend for $7 used at Gamestop.

Time to see what all the fuss is out. *cracks fingers*

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Tonight on 20/20: 

Trolls on the internet: Worst thing ever, or just giving us something to do?
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@Druminator said:
I switched from XBOX to PS3 and just the other day went back to XBOX. Should have never left.
I dunno why people have to "switch" at all.  I have 2 of each, and enjoy the hell out of both systems.

I also have a Wii, and...well, I have a Wii.
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@Atramentous said:
@Hizang said:

It's still down in the UK

"Shakes fist at all you PS3 Playing Amercians"

Dont be too mad. PSN is up for us but its use is limited. I have been waiting to play MK online, PSM is up, but not the store so I cant activate my online pass. Might as well still be down for all I care.
If you haven't used the 48 guest pass yet, you can at least play for a couple of days, hopefully they'll have the store going by that point (prolly not tho)
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@Indiana_Jenkins said:
Hey, do you guys remember when the psn went down? 

Now that was crazy.
Nope, I took a nap, must a missed it.