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I think the lack of negativity is due to the press not putting the usual negative spin on this (I'm talking all outlets) that they do for the Xbox One. I've seen some really awful headlines from the press demonising the Xbox One and they are all doing it because it's fashionable. It's sickening. Not saying GB does this though. One of the very few sites who don't bow down to this kind of behaviour which is why I regard this site so much. Kudos to them all.

My take on this. I think it will be chaos on launch day as I will guess Sony's servers won't be up to it. They just aren't as advanced in this field as Microsoft. If anyone is a real fan of multiplayer gaming I'd recommend they think long and hard about their console choice, it's looking very much like dedicated servers all round on the Xbox One with an easy, and well supported implementation.

Never had any real issues with MP on the PS3, PS4 will have dedicated servers for BF4, Ghosts, and Killzone day one. I thought long and hard about the online component of the consoles and decided to go with the one that didn't put everything, including their web browser, behind a pay wall.

On the other side of the coin, we're already seeing reports of XB1 versions suffering from lower native resolutions that PS4 versions of the same games (1080p vs. 720p with Ghosts for instance). Even Jeff has said on the podcast that it looks like the PS4 will probably be the place to go for multiplats. If the One is showing signs of weakness out of the gate, I would be more worried about how it's going to perform 2-3 years out when developers are really starting to push the systems.

To each his own though.

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I'm tempted to not connect my PS4 on Nov 15 to the internet and document what this console could do without an internet connection. It doesn't look like much. You couldn't even play Blu ray movies without this patch... odd.

I bet it does a lot of this already, the update is likely just to optimize those features. PS4s have been getting boxed up for months, this is just going to be a patch to roll out the latest certified updates.

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People should tweet @target and @asktarget on Twitter and complain, even if this didn't affect you, support the people it did affect.

I pre-ordered from Amazon, but I still hit Target up on Twitter complaining and got a response.

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@l4wd0g said:

I took the liberty of fixing your list for games that are ONLY available on the PS4

@krakn3dfx said:

I guess since 2 games were delayed, all we have to look forward to is:

  1. Basement Crawl
  2. Killzone: Shadow Fall
  3. Knack
  4. Resogun (Free w/ Plus)

If I had said they were only going to be on the PS4, but I didn't. Thanks tho.

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I guess since 2 games were delayed, all we have to look forward to is:

  1. Basement Crawl
  2. Counterspy
  3. Doki Doki Universe (Free-to-Play)
  4. Escape Plan (Cross-Buy)
  5. flOw (Cross-Buy)
  6. Flower (Cross-Buy)
  7. Killzone: Shadow Fall
  8. Knack
  9. Resogun (Free w/ Plus)
  10. Sound Shapes (Cross-Buy)
  11. Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag
  12. Battlefield 4
  13. Blacklight: Retribution (Free-to-Play)
  14. Call of Duty: Ghosts
  15. Contrast (Free w/ Plus)
  16. DC Universe Online (Free-to-Play)
  17. DiveKick
  18. FIFA 14
  19. Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition
  20. Just Dance 2014
  21. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
  22. Madden NFL 25
  23. Minecraft
  24. N++
  25. NBA 2K14
  26. NBA Live 14
  27. Need for Speed Rivals
  28. Pinball Arcade
  29. PlanetSide 2 (Free-to-Play)
  30. Pool Nation Extreme
  31. Skylanders Swap Force
  32. Super Motherload
  33. Tiny Brains
  34. War Thunder: Ground Forces (Free-to-Play)
  35. Warframe (Free-to-Play)
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The PS4 isn't going to get any cheaper over the next 12-18 months, and there will be plenty of awesome games in the next 12-18 months, and the longer I have the console, the more value I get out of it.

There are 2 less games coming out on PS4 Day One than there were a week ago. There are still 33 games coming out for the PS4 Day One.

We're still getting the Plus version of Driveclub, just a few months later. And in the meantime, we get Contrast for free in addition to Resogun.

So of course not. These "somebody farted, who's cancelling their pre-order?" posts never get old tho.

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"supports 2.5" drives up to 12.5mm height"

So good.

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I would wait for reviews and judge your purchase on that. It's not like there will be a shortage on game discs, and even if there were, there's always digital.

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Now the general sentiment can shift from why is MS requiring people to have this camera plugged in to why MS is forcing people to pay for this accessory they don't have to use.


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Twitter user: "thanks for the update. so ps4 and ps3 will also get dedicated server?"

Mark Rubin of Infinity Ward: "I can't call out other platforms by name but one might assume that from what I wrote."


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