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The best parts of Crysis 1 were when you were fighting other humans, once you reached the aliens, it quickly went downhill. Crysis 2 was a snorefest for me (I literally fell asleep at my desk playing). This looks promising, but if the SP campaign is only 5 hours long, I'll wait for a big sale, since I don't really have any interest in competitive multiplayer.

I don't understand how you can make such promising technology that looks so amazing, and then weigh it down with a short, mediocre storyline, but it seems to be what Crytek excels at.

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Nice, looks like they have the unofficial SS2 patch integrated or something, I was able to choose 1920x1080 16:9 immediately in the menu after installing.

Time to throw in some texture mods and get to playing.

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@frankfartmouth said:

I know exactly what you mean. My daughter competes in a lot of academic stuff, and it can be pretty nerve-wracking. Other parents can sometimes be really obnoxious too. It's not something that's particularly pleasant to sit through.

Yeah, there are some assholes parents to be sure. There were 3 appeals in this spelling bee, I've only seen 1 in the previous 4 district bees he was in. One woman appealed based on her daughter spelling 'safari' as "safary...I mean i" when it clearly says in the rules once you say the letter the letter it is.

I don't mind people appealing for legitimate reasons, but if it's because you just didn't read the 1-sheet handout on the rules or listen to the 15 minute speech the moderator gives before the spelling bee even starts, you're just wasting my time.

One 7th grade girl on my son's team who went to nationals 2 years ago received a concussion on Wednesday from a sporting accident. It was clear today she wasn't 100% and she went out on a word in the 1st round that she would have normally not even thought about. I felt horrible for her, but I guess you get the cards you're dealt. She's got one more year before she's too old, so hopefully she'll have a stronger performance next year.

@VoshiNova @GreggD

Again, I didn't actually want my son to fail, or any of the kids to fail. It's hard to watch any of them misspell a word and suddenly realize they're done. I saw more than a handful of kids openly crying today because they didn't make it to the final pool that would go to state, and that kind of thing is heartbreaking to a parent, whether it's your kid or not. It's hard to watch, but it's also super satisfying when your child does well. I think that's called being a parent.

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Got 3rd place out of 280,went out on inveigh. Good stuff. He killed it, so he gets to choose where we go to dinner, lol.

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Some of you need to not take everything so 100% literal. Of course I want to watch and see him do well. The only part of me that didn't want to watch was the part that hates seeing him take it so personally if he doesn't. What I get for sharing an event...

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He made it into the pool that goes to state, and he'll get a trophy. Everything else is just gravy at this point. Whew.

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Nah I love that he's into it and good at it. It's just nerve racking to watch, lol.

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He made to the oral round, sitting here watching now. A girl he's friends with just got the boot for 'whiskery'. And so it begins...

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So my son is at the district spelling bee today, they show at 9am, have a written test, and the top 40 scoring kids move on to the spoken part of the bee.

Part of me kind of wishes he won't make it past the written part because I'll have to drive over and sit through the spoken round, which is a huge, tense ordeal. I can't watch any of them while they're spelling, especially my son, it's like the most tense survival horror game ever.

At the same time, I know he'll be super bummed out if he doesn't make it to the spoken round, and I don't want that either. Last year he made it to the regional competition and came in 3 spots lower than he needed to move onto state, but he was pretty happy about just having made it that far, so it was cool.

Man, being a parent some days....

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"Scheduled for March 2013, Aliens: Colonial Marines’ first additional content pack, “Bug Hunt” will throw players into an all-new multiplayer mode where they have to take on waves of increasingly difficult enemies in three brand new maps based on environments from the ALIENS film."

On one hand, I really like horde mode when it's done well. On the other hand, it seems like since it was introduced as part of the game in Gears 2, developers have decided to make it a fairly big ticket DLC item ($10 outside of the Season Pass in this case). For $10, DLC with JUST horde mode and a few levels for it seems like a tough pill to swallow. I've already pre-ordered and pre-loaded the game on Steam and was toying with the idea of picking up the Season Pass, but now I want to see how much content the other 3 DLC packs included in it have. If the Season Pass hits $20 on GMG or something, I may snag it anyway though, we'll see.

Actually, looks like the Season pass is $20.25 on GMG right now w/ a 25% off code they're offering. I had $10 in credit from buying Dead Space, so went ahead and snagged it. They also have the game itself for $37.50 right now.