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I can play these on my PC, but I definitely see a value add to consoles for gamers without beefy PCs.

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I can't justify $8/month for the 1-2 minutes a day I would use it.

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Hide your children, there's a free trial.

SugarDVD starts at $7.95 for unlimited streaming service and also offers options for DVD rentals through the mail and "Pay-Per-Minute" viewing - because hey, who watches these things for more than a few minutes at a time, am I right? There's even a free trial, for those who aren't 100 percent clear about what's on offer here.

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Lol in the wild, I own a vita and a shield and ps4 and Xbox one fully paid off, when nvidia was showing off the shield in the so called wild (sarcasm) was able to stream 60fps in a no wifi/interference from other 2.4ghz devices like microwaves and cordless phones vastly degrade the FPS, there is no way the vita will out preform better if anything they will be equal to the shield in streaming, as a owner of all consoles I doubt it will preform better. The vita will stream at 30 fps and remember the shield has a 720p screen which is higher res the ps vita which is important as the shield has HDMI out which allows me to hook up my shield on any tv in the hose and stream. I also am using my shield with a VPN as I have a 90megabit download and 15 meg upload allowing me to stream games from home anywhere in they're is a good wifi connection or even if I teathered m shield to my iphone 5 allowing me to use the 4g lte which is enough to stream games. I also have onlive on my nvidia shield lowing me to play a limited roster of pc games anywhere I go. Nvidia has already confirmed the next update to the shield will boost fps over streaming, the PC Streaming is a BETA feature so lets wait till its out of beta and the ps4 is out to test the streaming and will post comparisons day one on my youtube channel.

K boss.

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EA is in the business of taking large sums of money for timed exclusives, news at 11.

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When I say "in the wild" obviously I mean not on a stage somewhere, but with people being able to walk up and try it out themselves and judge based on what they're experiencing. Jeez.

Plus, "Remote Play in the the tightly controlled demo space of a videogame show floor, looks great" wouldn't fit in the subject line.

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I always use the Amazon Payments option for Kickstarter. Hopefully it's more reliable for the developers to deal with. I have a Paypal account for some things, but I'm always wary of them based on stories and my own experiences with them not really seeming to give a shit about customers.

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Remote Play functionality was similarly impressive. There was zero perceptible lag between PlayStation 4 on-screen action and what we were inputting on the Vita. The same sentiment applies to input directly on the Vita for the PS4 game we were playing: no lag, as if Knack were a game being played locally on the Vita. How this will play out with your own home WiFi is another question altogether, which we'll test more thoroughly when we get PlayStation 4 review units in the coming weeks. As of right now, it more than stands up to NVIDIA's Shield. If anything, it bests the Shield's streaming performance with zero hitches while we played.

This is one of the more exciting launch capabilities of the PS4 for me, knowing that hands on performance is this good makes me pretty happy.

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The EA CEO Game - Free 2 Play, Pay 2 Win

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"Playstation 4” is the next generation computer entertainment system which will be released by Sony Computer Entertainment towards the end of this year, 2013. Detailed specification of this latest system and its exclusive software titles and the new gaming experience that can be realized with the Playstation 4 platform will be introduced together with the latest information."

I'm curious to see what "detailed specifications" mean. People are speculating they'll talk about CPU/GPU speeds, memory allocations, things like that. I doubt that stuff would ever be something they mention in a stage presentation, but would be interesting for sure if they did.

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