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Remote Play functionality was similarly impressive. There was zero perceptible lag between PlayStation 4 on-screen action and what we were inputting on the Vita. The same sentiment applies to input directly on the Vita for the PS4 game we were playing: no lag, as if Knack were a game being played locally on the Vita. How this will play out with your own home WiFi is another question altogether, which we'll test more thoroughly when we get PlayStation 4 review units in the coming weeks. As of right now, it more than stands up to NVIDIA's Shield. If anything, it bests the Shield's streaming performance with zero hitches while we played.

This is one of the more exciting launch capabilities of the PS4 for me, knowing that hands on performance is this good makes me pretty happy.

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The EA CEO Game - Free 2 Play, Pay 2 Win

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"Playstation 4” is the next generation computer entertainment system which will be released by Sony Computer Entertainment towards the end of this year, 2013. Detailed specification of this latest system and its exclusive software titles and the new gaming experience that can be realized with the Playstation 4 platform will be introduced together with the latest information."

I'm curious to see what "detailed specifications" mean. People are speculating they'll talk about CPU/GPU speeds, memory allocations, things like that. I doubt that stuff would ever be something they mention in a stage presentation, but would be interesting for sure if they did.

Quote taken from

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6/10 from Polygon.

Reason: "Just didn't click with me (but thanks for clicking on our site to find that out)"

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Polygon gave it a 6/10.

On the other hand, for a PS exclusive reviewed by Arthur Gies, that's probably skewing a little high for them.

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All those XBO games people in Japan will want to play, like Crimson Dragon, and

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The $100 model is just the box. It costs $150 if you want a controller.

Noted in the OP.

I have been reading that you can pair a PS3 controller with it. Can anyone confirm this?

DS3 at launch, DS4 later on.

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@anwar said:

@saft: Yakuza 5 is already made, I don't think that Sony can tell Sega which game they should translate.

Sony could put up the money to pay for the translation to have Sega do it, which is the more likely scenario if there's enough of a demand for it.

People have been tweeting @giocorsi on Twitter about things like this, he seems to be Sony's guy for getting ports/translations/games on the board that otherwise wouldn't be considered.

Fell asleep before I got to see most of the conference, saw all the Vita stuff, which went on forever, Vita obviously doing a lot better in Japan than here. A PS4 EDF sounds great tho, and that Deep Down game sounds pretty awesome.

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Sony announced the Vita TV at their conference last night. Seems stupid amounts of cool for $100, comes with a DS3 controller (bundle pack is $150 and also comes with an 8GB memory card), you can play a good number of Vita titles on it as well.

"Outfitted with a PS Vita card slot, it also allows PS Vita TV owners to play Vita games on, well, their TV. They don't even need a Vita—just Vita games, this PS Vita TV hardware, and a DualShock 3. Oh, and a TV"

The thing that makes this a Day One, must have peripheral for me tho, having 5 TVs in the house:

"In the future, you will be able to use it to stream PS4 games on another television in your house via Remote Play."

The PS4 I get at launch will be hooked to our main home theater setup, but if my wife is watching something, I'd normally have to move the PS4. If I can just plug the VitaTV into another TV in the house and stream gameplay to it, this thing has pretty much paid for itself. I know it's not a big deal for a lot of people, but man, this is super exciting to me personally.

Also, you'll have access to any apps that run on the Vita, like Netflix, Twitter, Facebook, web browsing, Skype, etc.

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I played it at PAX and it looked fine. It's all still running on development hardware remember. Polish and optimization is the very last thing done on a game.

Yeah, Evolution has a pretty amazing record of big optimizations in the last 30-90 days of development, looking. Looking at Motorstorm at the E3 right before it came out and the release version, it's like night and day graphically and performance wise.