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ID: BurlyJoeOaks

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Steam: principalbuttsavage

PSN (where I will be playing): BurlyJoeOaks

I will be on most evenings and through the weekend. Anytime I'm online (generally around 6pm eastern time) is a good time to jump in the game!

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Man everyone here is being so dramatic about this. Come on guys there's a ton of shit coming out this fall! Borderlands 2, Hitman, Assassins Creed III (which I don't think will be pushed back, all the creed games have been out for the last few holidays), Far Cry 3, Resident Evil 6, Halo 4, Dishonored, and some new Call of Duty bullshit. aside from Cod and Halo all these games sound like good times to me.

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Last year I was interested in three games out of the abundance of releases but this year I want almost all of them. I'll save up for the three I really want and get the rest later on. I definitely don't have the money to buy all of these on their release dates.

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I'm going to wait and see what people say about it. As much as I really enjoyed Saints Row the Third I can't say I enjoy paying $10 for 2 hours of shitty and completely forgettable DLC. If the $30 price tag is anything then that means 6 hours of shitty DLC. I hope like crazy that I'm wrong about that and that this is worth the expense.

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I really enjoyed this demo. I thought the killcam and the stealth setup were pretty satisfying overall and it has been a while since I had any kind of game the was just stealth. This kind of brings back the nostalgia of those older Medal of Honor games where you storm Normandy. I know if won't have random soldiers in different locations each time you play but that would have been pretty cool, and the footsteps are really loud but those were my only complaints. I will probably pick this up.

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Very Excited to see this film. Not so interested in HBO.

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I only had the game lock up on me once and that was after a 7 hours joy marathon of straight gameplay. Other than that I have had not issues except with one dragon now having the textures load correctly. But considering it's Bethesda I was prepared for things to be much worse and I've been really surprised with how polished everything is for the PS3.

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Always loved GTA III, if I had the scratch I would get that figure but 150 is way to pricey.

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The game isn't a story game, it's a killing zombies game. I wish they had character creation instead of just the four characters who's backgrounds don't matter.