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I have no interest in flaming you for your choices but man, you could've at least spelled the current president's name correctly.

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You should get your ear checked out.

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I got this when it first came out and can tell you, it is a friggin blast. Super down with this.

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@CrossTheAtlantic said:

Fuck, I'd go with the entire Mushroom Kingdom. Fuck that place. Some weak, nonexistent government whose most seemingly important member is constantly being kidnapped by a GIANT FUCKING DRAGON is no place for me. Not to mention, that they clearly have no defense force to prevent this whatsoever, and everyone there relies on an overweight plumber to show up and temporarily fix some things--which we can't even be sure he would do if it wasn't for a woman. Does anyone in the Kingdom address this? Nope! Instead, it's like Peach just wants them to eat cake, and the residents fall victim to the bread and circuses that are their kart races, sporting events, and massive parties. The entire land is in such a state of neglect and disrepair that the only means of major transportation seems to be by pipe (save for maybe the occasional train or boat, but oh boy, you know in this corrupt hell hole, you're gonna have to do some series of favors for someone just to get a ride because of course there's no regulation or standards and practices on any of this).

Honestly, I don't even know how such a place continues or why people continue to live there. You would think maybe by the time a giant fucking TALKING sword came crashing down into the castle, people would start to consider buying a plot of land over in cozy, little Pallet Town. I know I would.

This is one of the best things I've ever read.

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I love Austin.

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