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Mario Party 3 is the only one in the series I've ever owned and played much of, so I'm even more excited for this Mario Party Party than I would normally be (which is a lot).

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Hmm, I never played Bike 1. Should I play it first? I don't want to miss out on any crucial story stuff.

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@humanity: As a fellow Dan, I'd say it's a brilliant name, tyvm!

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Good, I'll probably buy one in the fall for Halo 5. Hopefully it's this price or even cheaper then.

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Might pick up Something for Nothing. Am I required to grow spokesburns before I do, though?

Also, I really missed reading your article headlines, Alex.

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Finishing up The Witcher 2 finally (started it about 2 years ago). Also playing Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros., and Wonderful 101 since I recently got a Wii U.

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Ground Zeroes is the answer to both.

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Welp, guess I'll never be reading Patrick's work again. It's a shame, I'll miss your articles, Scoops.

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Shame on you, Scoops, sneaking this post in between all the GotY lists. Almost missed it. I will miss you.

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Colbert's had some great guests for his final shows. I'm not much of a rap fan at all, but I enjoyed Lamar's performance.

@rebel_scum said:

Also this Colbert guy seems like a camera hogging knob.

I'm going to assume your excuse for not knowing who Colbert is is that you're not from the US (your use of the word "knob" supports this theory). Not that you've been living under a rock for the past 9 years.