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Awesome! I never stopped hoping!

This isn't the first time I've seen people very excited for a PC port and I've been starting to wonder... Does people only have PC these days? What systems do you have?

I have all 3 last gen consoles and still have a backlog on each one. Current gen, I have PC, 3DS, and Vita and they've been more than enough combined. I'll get a Wii U at some point for the usual Nintendo stuff, and probably an Xbox One in a couple years for Halo, but I have plenty to hold me over until then.

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I picked up and played the 360 version a few years ago. While the RTS segments were the weakest part, they weren't THAT bad, and overall I really enjoyed the game.

The Ophelia drowning scene gave me chills when I first saw it.

"....Mr. Crowley!"

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The T. presumably stands for Tyrannosaurus. Yoshi is related to the T. Rex. Yet more proof he's awesome.

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This article gives a good explanation of my views on physical vs. digital, as well. It's already happened with TV and film, as you said. I collect Blu-Ray copies of the shows and movies that are important to me and display them in the limited amount of space I have put aside for that. The rest I'm happy to simply have 24/7 access to on Netflix/Amazon Prime/etc.

And really, that's not that different from how it's always been. Netflix like services have taken the place of traditional rental stores, but now we always (well...usually) have access to those movies without having to leave the house.

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Sunshine is my second favorite Mario game ever, after World, of course.

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Civilization: Beyond Earth and Assassin's Creed Unity (assuming the PC version releases in October).

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Can I get one of those prototype boomerang controllers instead of a game, Sony? Please? They always looked more comfortable to me than the actual PS3 controller.

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@fisk0 said:

That colorblind article was really interesting, especially when he said it was harder to tell the difference between colors when they were all on the screen. I assumed that would be easier, since you could maybe spot some small differences between them.

I can tell that a green shirt is green and a brown shirt is brown, but show me a pattern with green and brown alternating squares and my eyes start to go haywire.

I think it depends on the type of colorblindness. He got a 183 on that test, but his results were pretty spread out. I got a 163 but my, well, blind spot is pretty concentrated around the blue/purple (or whatever...) region. For me, it is easier to have multiple colors around at once to compare to.

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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes has been getting a lot of good early reviews and I really liked the first. Only movie on the list I'm looking forward to.

Lucy's problem is its entire premise is dumb. The "we only use 10% of our brains" thing has been debunked for eons. That said, with Luc Besson directing and it having a pretty decent cast, it could end up being ok.

I don't really care about watching anything Hercules related that doesn't have Kevin Sorbo involved.

I have no interest in horror movies, and I haven't heard anything about Sex Tape other than apparently Cameron Diaz is nude in it.

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Yes, @patrickklepek, Crusader Kings 2! With your story-telling abilities, and the game's story-making abilities, it could be a great combination.