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An RPG would be cool, but honestly, I would love an updated Road-Rash-style, motorcycle versus car versus Australian psycho machine, racing/combat game. You could pick and unlock different characters to play as. Think about it: Max, The Toecutter, The Night Rider, The Goose, Gryrocopter guy, Lord Humungus, etc. This will never happen.

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I haven't really played MMOs much, but I bought Guild Wars 2 because I heard a lot of good stuff about it. I'd love to join the guild if you'll have me. I've been a Giant Bomb member since almost the beginning.


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It's good that they changed their minds, but it's obvious they didn't make that change because it was the right thing to do. They changed policies only because they couldn't get away with it. It's kind of like catching a friend stealing stuff from your house, and he's like, "Sorry, I won't do that again. Can I still come to your party on Saturday?"

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@tesla said:

Holy shit, I want to play a FF game again! It's been so long.

My sentiments too!

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steam name: kratcheroo

USA-Midwest, whenever I get free time

Experience: I've played a bunch of League of Legends, but am a complete beginner at DOTA. Also, I kind of suck at these kinds of games, but enjoy playing them with cool duders and duderettes.

Favorite Hero: don't really know yet

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Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen and I just picked up Midnight Club L.A. Complete Pack for cheap. I'm also messing around with Receiver.

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I just bought this a couple weeks ago. There's not a ton of people still playing it, but I always found some servers with folks, and the game is still crazy amounts of fun. I'm hoping that putting it on Steam and the Stadium beta will get more people back into it. It's a blast.

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Thanks everybody for all the feedback. I'll probably skip it unless it goes on super sale.

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I was really interested in the original, but it got pretty cold reviews. I'm really curious if this one is a better experience. Anyone else interested in it?

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I much prefer the PS3 controller, but it looks like it will be Xbox for me. Framerate issues irritate me greatly. Thanks for the heads up, folks.

Yeah, this bums me out a little, too. I like the PS3 controllers much more for these types of games, but I'll probably get it on 360.