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theres a lot of new stuff being revealed/released

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@pandorasbox:  you already pay 70$ a year to play games online
there is nothing to justify that price, your console is inferior.
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Its not as good as you think, i did this on my first start of the game and it made my sister look like she had downs  , i had to restart the game because i couldnt even look at her

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so basically people are crying because they cant easymode the entire game with the cheapest class imaginable?

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ive seen brink being played i think it was last years e3 or pax , either way it wasnt good, it looked like the combat was nothing but spamfest rockets/grenades at objective sites something reminiscent of killzone 2 spamfest combat
 crysis 2 is guaranteed to be terrible.

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its pretty boring, when dragon age origins first came out, i stayed up like til 4 AM playing it so much
this game i started at like 6pm, got bored around 11 pm or so, went to bed
its just not the same level of quality

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uh no, itll be faster than a year or two, it only took 1.5 years to make da2, i imagine they will string along about a year's worth of dlc before releasing ultimate edition
also quoted from an ex da2 dev is that there is  A LOT of dlc to be released for this game, something like 4 characters, 4 hour quests straight up cut to be sold as dlc, stuff like that
so far from that dev everything he has said has rang true, this was over a month ago

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uhhhh im pretty sure the cast has had this game for atleast 2 weeks now,

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you mean 3 month before they release dragonage 3?

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this is hilariously sad, failed game  on delivery,
this reminds me of all the people who end up given like loads of money, but they end up losing it all in bad investments and stuff. this is what notch is doing