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Requested to join Lincoln Force NA East 2 on Xbox One, Bungie name is KratosX. Let's kill some shitty wizards!

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@Eirikr I'm living in Pikesville so things are pretty calm.

I'll definitely check out MAGfest next year, always heard good things about it!

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Thanks for all the help guys, I appreciate it! (Even the constant Wire references)

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Hey duders, so I just moved to Baltimore from Miami for work and don't really know anybody. What are some places I should check out?

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I love Deadpool as much as the next guy and I hope the game is great, but am I the only one who got a real Duke Nukem Forever vibe from that trailer?

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Hi there Bombarderos, if you're like me, you're already addicted to that hot new Nimblebit joint Pocket Planes, lets all band together under the banner of Giant Bomb and get to flying. See you in the skies!

UPDATE: Flight Crew named "giantbomb"

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The tag multiplayer mode may make me want to check this out

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I made a pixel by pixel replica of Donkey Kong on the Tested Server somewhere in Testopia :) 

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