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Been playing games since age four as far as I recall. Started off with an Atari 7800 and really dug Ghostbusters and The Goonies, as well as stand-bys like Donkey Kong and Millipede. Things really took off when my parents got me a Super Nintendo when I was in Grade 1. Went a bit dormant during the N64/Playstation period as I chose Nintendo's side and didn't have a lot of games to play. That all changed when high school rolled around and I acquired a Gamecube and a PS2. Been buying a lot of games ever since and own all of the major consoles out there right now. My 360 was my go to, but it recently died so I've started investigating this "Personal Computer" some of the kids have been talking about and I'm delighted with the results (ya heard of this "Steam" whosit?). Also signed up for Playstation Plus and MAN, the idea of an annual service that actually rewards you and basically says "thanks for choosing us!" every month is refreshing after years of paying Microsoft for ads for burritos and sandwiches and the new ICP album (not that I'm inherently opposed to any of these things but still, I'm paying you guys money for what again?). So yeah, landscape has changed some. And the Wii...well, I got one of those Art Style games. Seems pretty sweet. And I heard Xenoblade Chronicles was amazing.

Oh right, I guess the most pertinent thing I could say here, I podcast about video-games. Been doing that for two years and change. Went to E3, been to some of them "Penny Arcade Expos". I guess I kind of inadvertently became a scrub in the "enthusiast press" just by being.;..pretty enthusiastic, I guess. That is called "Top Down Perspective" and you can find it on iTunes or the internet in general. I also occasionally write for a gaming and other media-related blog called "The Pixel Response" and podcast about, well, everything under the same name. So check those out, if you want. I'm kinda proud of 'em, not that I'm the bragging type, but yeah. We have thoughts and opinions just like everyone else, but we're Canadian, so we're more polite about it maybe?