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After two hours with the game I'm sadly starting to echo Tom Chick's thoughts. I feel really distanced from the characters and what is going on, I too am spamming attacks and still getting through everything with little problem and that waiting around for your attack queue ability to recharge is a part of the gameplay loop is already becoming tedious to me. I find myself running around objects as a sort of clunky cover while it refills and that seems to be exactly what is intended.

Really though, it is how little investment I am feeling in the story after reading through all the ancillary stuff and doing my best to pay attention to the drunk, stalker-y sword buddy while I'm fighting and running around. Unless some late game revelations really manage to pull me in, this will likely go down as another game I just don't understand the admiration for.

Colorful and sounds nice though. It does have that.

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I personally want more content about old games, not more videos of new games. I've found the podcast to be the most enduringly enjoyable content Giant Bomb produces, and I also like going back to the edited pieces they used to do such as TANG and old video reviews. Back when more careful consideration went into a video than just some footage of a game with people talking over it. You weren't wrong in comparing that kind of content to YouTube, that manner of game coverage is a dime a dozen dozen.

That mention of more spoilercasts is something I would back one hundred percent. I often listen to older podcasts and they did one for SPORE, a game I guess was hyped at the time but it struck me as novel now six years later. I don't mind having more explicit discussions about games as the stories don't exactly matter most of the time. Even something like The Last of Us, Walking Dead or LA Noire would have been nice to hear about in more detail.

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Watched Electroma and Interstella 5555. Naked. Polished off a bottle of wine with my bootleg holy grail.

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@thesoutherndandy: I mean, its always a long shot, but the application did mention the possibility of visa sponsorship if you get hired so it's worth a try.

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Watch_Dogs? I like open world action games, I have enjoyed Assassin's Creed titles in the past and I assume there is a ton of crossover with the people who made those, but I'm just not too keen on it for some reason.

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This would typically happen to me when a friend of mine runs into someone he knows at the mall and I just kind of stand to the side while they catch up a bit. I guess ideally introductions should have happened first but conversation seems to pick up before that can happen a lot so I just kind of stand there. It is awkward in a way but maybe its happened enough where I'm more amused by it than insulted. Maybe pay attention to the conversation and if something is said you can contribute to or chime in on you can jump in then and it wouldn't be as obstructive to the conversation as stopping it and making your presence known.

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1. Yes

2. Yes

3. It was free and people were talking about it. I was annoyed with it initially but it IS a vertically oriented, one-button game which is kind of the type of thing I like on iOS for quick spurts of play when I'm waiting for a bus or something. Its dumb but it was inoffensive about being dumb and while it threw ads in my face it didn't nag me to play it more or rate it or buy anything.

4. Not really, but as this Polygon piece expresses, it really hit home how no one taste-maker in the industry can predict what is going to happen next or what is going to be popular.

5. No, but they may not have been playing games for as obscenely long as some of us so are maybe a little more enamored with things that we find junky.

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@russman588: I haven't played many tower defense games outside of PvZ so I can't really say. I may just not be used to that kind of mode in general, but it seems really plainly presented here, which is my main problem. And I do still wish you could maybe save blueprints or something of your previous builds so you could tweak rather than rebuild (Jeff said similar things on the Bombcast this week). Dying and never knowing how good your build was is just deflating. Not dramatic and tragic, just a bummer that really breaks the loop of me wanting to go back.