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John Romero. 
Still kinda disappointed.

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Saying that somebody is the best video game character is pretty much saying "this turd is the best turd".
I really don't disagree with the OP, but when the best examples of better characters people have to throw out are Solid Snake and fucking Mario, it's not hard for anyone to come in and be king of shit hill.

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This is beautiful.
You, my man, are the wind beneath my wings.

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@mnzy said:
" Got them all now, I'll try to give hints:  1: An old platform with a number at the end.2: Considered the worst game ever.3: Part of the Game Room Quick Look, Jeff made a challenge for it 4: Clue from somebody else: you could split the armed forces into three different fields, two of them feature in this title 5: Was part of one of the latest AVGN episodes, it had a tournament with very expensive prizes 6: I think it is similar to snake, also the name of an audio technology. "
These were hugely helpful, thanks a bunch duder.
#185 baby.
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I just groaned when I figured it out. 
#969, just scraped in.

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that's the motherfuckin gun scorpion baby

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Damn now that playa see in the dark nobodys safe

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@ponyslayer said:
" @Vinchenzo said:
" Looks as boring and uninspired as Fallout 3 was. "
why bother commenting if that's what your going to say? "
Why then bother if all you're going to say is "Looks awesome, will buy."
There are these things called "opinions" that people have and sometimes they like to express them. You should look into it, you might find the concept interesting.
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@bulletbeast said:
" dude, Tarentino is a brilliant director because he brings something really new to the table. 
His entire shtick is that he "borrows" heavily from the movies he watched growing up. There's nothing new about it, his films are a refined amalgam. 
It's kinda like what Blizzard did to MMOs/RTSs, if you wanna draw that parallel, except that Tarantino isn't as graceful.
All said, I'm pretty indifferent towards him. I can see and respect what he's trying to do (bring the movies that he always loved to people that have never seen anything like them before), but the results always turn out middling and tedious. I'd more heavily recommend taking a trip to your local independent video store and renting a bunch of old kung-fu VHSes.
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