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yeah I figured you'd have to play it like that. I'm sure the game is great and fun to play, just seems unfortunate that its portability is basically null on harder difficulties, if not all. oh well, i usually sit at my desk and play vita anyway.

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Has anyone already played any of the Asian versions, or just otherwise had any hands on experience with this game? If everything is on the touch screens, I feel like playing the game while just holding it would be really hard. I can't help but feel it'd have a similar effect as the Kid Icarus game on 3DS. Theres no way you could reach everything on the screen with just your thumbs, and I've seen footage from harder difficulties where using only one hand seems impossible. You'd need a stand or something to be able to play the game well at all :\

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Yeah I just cannot get over how completely ridiculous and out of place these designs look.