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121505 Muumit Piilosilla Game Overview fixed the possessive in the title from Moomin's to Moomins. 07/14/14 04:42AM 1 Approved
36449 Moominvalley Location Overview hi! just adding the game to the location. you know how it do. 06/15/13 11:10AM 2 Approved
36391 Moominvalley Location Overview Moominvalley is the location that all the moomin games take place in, so of course it has to be added! The image is from one of the games that I havent added yet. Here is an actual english language wikipedia article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moominvalley 06/15/13 05:13AM 10 Approved
35954 Muumit Piilosilla Game Overview Just filling in some of the main details. It probably doesn't do much, but here's the finnish wikipedia article. http://fi.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muumit_piilosilla 06/13/13 08:03AM 99 Approved
35734 Muumit Piilosilla Game Overview Moomin is a very popular series in Finland and many other Nordic countries. There is only a Finnish wikipedia article on this, and the other Moomin titles, so what better place to create an English language source for all things Moomin than Giant Bomb? 06/12/13 07:34AM 5 Approved