Freedom and cheese.

This will not be much a blog post. Reason why I've disappeared (but continued watching GB videos) for so long.. working on art and life. Oh the joys of living. Anyway, here's my snazzy new Tumblr account: and yeah! I'll leave it at that. My art and updates and awesome things will be posted alongside some lengthy and hopefully not too whiny posts about my life. That is all for now.


Laptop(s), I hate you!

Both of my laptops died. I apparently have to announce this to the world.. just because I want to have the blog achievement on here.

My boyfriend and I are ordering in parts for a Tower since my patience with laptops is just not here anymore. It'll be my first Tower, ever.. so I'm pretty excited. :D That and building it sounds fun..(I'll probably be doing 90% of watching incase I fuck anything up :<)

And yeah, that's pretty much it... and I warn you, I'm about to have a random attack.. because I'm also excited for this.

Yes, I cannot wait till 2012.


Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning will nom my life away

Reckoning and Skyrim, will take huge chunks of my life.. in a good way. There's no way to describe how excited I am at this moment for these two RPGs.

By the way, this is a 20 minute video on the awesome that is this game. Well 22 minutes..

I'm speechless. I just.. I can't.. nope.


Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog?

I watched it the other night for the first time and the songs get pretty awesome near the end. Go Neil Patrick Harris.. and you'll find Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day on there as well. :P That's if you guys haven't already watched it. If not, watch it! Well, only if you're interested.

This is only the first part, if you have Netflix, the entire thing is on there. You could always stick with YouTube as well..

I'm aware of this being old news, I just felt like sharing it incase anyone hasn't seen it, and I did enjoy it quite a lot. That and apparently there's a second one in the makings...? Or already done? I'm not sure. If anyone could clear that up for me that would be awesome. :)


It's my Birthday...

...on Labour Day and everything is closed which makes it extra super boring.  But!  I will be buying my Whiskey Media membership today.  :)   
Short blog FTW.   


UDK (Unreal Development Kit) and XSI

Hello everyone, 
I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that I'm a 3D artist (it states that I am on my tiny summary).  I'm working on a secret project with UDK and was wondering if anyone else had a chance to look at it or play around with it..?  I'm asking around on CGhub as well and I did not receive any sort of response yet.  I'm trying to hunt down tutorials and I'm not having very much luck.  Especially for the programming side of things, which I think is done is C++ or this weird Unreal script editor.   
If anyone might know of any sites, that would be cool.  I'm sure there's a 3D artist or two on here.  :P  Oh!  And possibly tutorials on how to use the interface and where everything is.  I did find some videos on it, which helped a bit but there seems to be a lack of.. something or other.  I might just suck at finding things like this, I know there's stuff right in UDK itself but it doesn't seem to explain too much.  I will look around some more in the mean time. 
One last thing, is UDK easier to deal with when working on Maya, 3DMax or XSI?


Augmentation and Praxis points

I'm currently playing Deus Ex as I've mentioned and I find myself stuck at times.  Most of the time it's because my hacking abilities are lower than average for a point in the game, but I've been trying to upgrade everything else that I like to use in combat situations, etc.  I guess what I'm trying to state here is I want to know how everyone else is handling it.  I know it's different for everyone.. I'm trying to play as an upfront shooter, which really is not working at all.  I thought I'd suck at stealth, and it turns out that it works a hell of a lot better than just going in and shooting everyone dead.  (Until I got the crossbow, thank god)   
I'm not super far into the game, so no spoilers please.  I am extremely lucky to have gotten where I am in the game, and would just like some tips on how to better distribute the Praxis points.  :)  I was told that some of the augmentations are a little useless, more or less.  


I'm not exactly new..

Hello everyone! 
I have no idea what to write.   
*Ahem*  Introduction maybe?  Well, I've been visiting this site since early 2009, blah blah, and GB is awesome.  They actually make me laugh, and it's not the 'I'll force myself to laugh because I kind of think it's funny' kind of funny.  It's a 'shit I just snorted' funny, which I enjoy, especially when it brings me to tears.   
Well that was lame.. Oh!  I'm a 2D/3D artist.  Just graduated from a college called "The College I shall not name" (I don't want to give them a bad rep.. They ARE new, if you want to know it, ask me).  I, uh.. I don't reccomend it.  :)  It taught me how to Model, Texture, Rig and Animate (not really *envisions self sitting at a desk watching Digital Tutor videos for days on end*) a character of sorts.  We also dabbled in Unity, (I almost killed myself) and it was great!  *Cough* 
So, lesson learned.  After 2 years of bullshit, I'm getting the hang of it.  I don't have much 3D up yet but I will soon enough because of.. things I'm working on in secrecy.  I do have sketches and stuff online, feel free to view them.  I'm still learning so cut me some slack.. I have been drawing for years however, I only started trying to improve this past year.  It's working.. I think. 
If anyone might know more 3D than I do, it would be awesome to have tips and helpful criteria about my work shit.  Yes I will most likely post it up on here and hopefully not make a fool out of myself.  My models aren't THAT bad, but remember.. I am still a baby at this stuff.   
I think that's it.. I'm also playing Deus Ex at the moment.  Oh right, I'm a gamer, yipee.  :P  I have a funny story to share about a man who was Adam Jensen's janitor.   
*Adam Jensen being played by me* 
Me: Oh shit, I accidently dropped something on the ground while I went through my inventory.. *Is by the elevator right before his living area*
 *Standing  infront of Adam Jensen's apartment is the Janitor with no name, a peaceful and innocent man who didn't have anything to do with.. well anything.*  
Me:  What if I --- *Lightly presses the PS3 controller's right trigger.. EMP bounces off of the door and lands at the Janitor's feet* 
*Janitor.. well dies, obviously* 
Me:  :O 
Random (and now crippled) lady down the hallway: Please.. please don't HURT ME!! 
Me: Crap, I need to move this body. 
*Presses the Square button and moves his body towards the elevator (I thought it was a good idea......) 
The body now resides in my game file, on the f-ing elevator.  He hasn't respawned or anything, I just have a dead Janitor in my elevator.  Forever.  I also tried looting him.. I know.. I know I'm a terrible person.  He had NOTHING on him.. he was a poor, unfortunate Janitor who just happened to die because of my twitchy finger.  So yeah, he's haunting me.  Him.. and the crippled lady who also died in the blast without me knowing, is now in my bathroom.. dead.  Yah. 
Alright!  That's the end of my first really REALLY long-ass blog.  I did not mean for it to be a short story, so.. enjoy the lame that is me.   
Madi S