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this is a troll post, OP probably doesn't even have the game

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god damn it sexy Patrick

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great video

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@Ravenlight said:

Their HUD so fat it makes your mom look like a supermodel.

the amazing thing about the source engine is that it's extremely customizable, I am also very scared of the Dota2 roleplay that will happen in Garry's Mod once all characters are imported.

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Just posting some new screenshots of DOTA 2, I did not take them they were probably leaked by a team that's playing in the tournament in a few days.

I think it looks really nice, it's Source engine so you'll be able to customize anything you don't like.

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Klepek you say they don't require Origin for every single user but I believe that is not true, EA is just being retarded here because Valve doesn't want costumers to be running steam and origin at the same time to be able to access the game but EA will not allow that. but still they blame Valve,

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god damn Patrick really like to write, good stuff though, thank you for the article.

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that's some matrix shit going on there

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I don't know what you guys are talking about I'm in the US and I can watch the video just fine, Google was probably doing some tests and got some videos messed up in the process, this thread is pretty funny if it's actually that.

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Don't mind Drew guys, he's just plotting the perfect murder of the female dancer on stage.

He does that from time to time.