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Best thread on any forum

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It would be awesome if paying member could get a batch or something like that next to their name and in the forum, indicating that they are supporting the site

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is mobile giantbomb also for Windows mobile? if it is I'm up for a subscription

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I wonder if they are having some problems

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@Foggen said:
" @DoctorWelch said:
" That example of making a game called KOTOR isnt a good example because that is already an actual game but DoTA isnt a game. It's just a term for a style of game. A better example would be if I named my game First Person Shooter. "
It's a bad example because the Valve apparently has the actual rights to actual DOTA, unlike, say, Matt's relationship with KOTOR.  It's more like if, say, Capcom trademarked "MvC" in preparation for Marvel vs Capcom 3.  I bet that happened! "
Valve has been doing this for a while now I don't know why Matt is having a hard time understanding this, recent examples are Alien Swarm, that was a mod but Valve turned it to an actual game called "Alien Swarm", Team Fortress was a mod as well Valve turned into an actual game called...guess what? Team Fortress 2, and now DotA is a mod and Valve is turning it into an actual game...named what now?
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So I hear you can create creations in this game

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it makes sense, so why not

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I got my bucket of ice cream and a head full of dreams ready.

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I watched that live when it happened the chat was going crazy.
good times, good times

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oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god