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This game has already reached it's initial funding goal and needs about 8k in its last 8 days to help it come to PS4 in addition to PC/Mac/Linux.

Give It a look and spread the word if you like what you see

Children of Morta


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Deal HERE brings the cost down to $36 , not to shabby.

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Tried to apply to 3 , but it says "cannot take more requests"..

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First come first serve, Enjoy


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@dark_lord_spam: While I applaud Sony for getting dev input(big and small) on the new hardware, lets not forget so quickly who brought the indies to the console table with Arcade and XNA. Its all going digital whether we like it or not, thats just the progression right now. I think Microsoft would have been better off coming down somewhere in the middle ...somehow. Instead of taking 2 steps forward, and then 2 back.

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@6n00bkilla9: I wouldn't say that's as much innovation as it is greed, maybe F2P is the only way another C&C was going to get made?

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