Splinter Cell & Me

I have been playing around with my copy of Splinter Cell Conviction.  It isn't the best SP game yet, but I really like the overall change of gameplay. I can't really get a perfect grip around the controls. They aren't horrible at all, they just don't seem to come completely natural even after multiple hours of play.
But I dig having alot of options when confronting the enemy. But the levels are a little too focused for confrontation for my taste.
Still enjoying the game, have to play some more :-)

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New computer someday...

I have been putting of buying a new pc for ages now. It's currently 5½years hold, and can't really run every game anymore (even with low details), so a new computer would be nice. However I would like to be able to run BF3 on full details, so I'm actually waiting for the game to be release and then buy a now computer alongside it.
But now the game has been delayed from it's initial q1 2010, and I'm very much in need of a new computer. Well just have to wait it out I guess. I'm gaming alot more on my consoles anyway.

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