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Vampirism is definitely annoying too. I didn't realize it applied to their AoE spells as well, that would explain a lot.

Again, this is a terrible trait on a mob that likes to run away from you. Especially if you have a follower and, as is the case with my monk, a mystical ally. I usually dismiss my elemental when I fight vampiric mobs just because it gets too frustrating to have them feeding the whole time...

I've only played through Nightmare, has anyone found any higher level traits that could be potentially game breaking?

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Thank god for reduced auction duration.

Not quite sure why they'd lower the gold and xp rewards for quests though...unless those two were bugged and gave too much or disproportionate amounts relative to other quests.

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I hate shielding. Especially on mobs that tend to run away a lot, like the flyers in Act III and the Succubi.

And if they're Fast + Shielding...fucking chase them down, then they shield as soon as I catch up to them and I hit them 1-2 times then they run away again.

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Hopefully I'll be more productive on this site in the future. This was a disappointing post.
Can't wait for H.A.W.X. 2.
I've been playing the original on the PC and my little brother was watching and I had to explain to him how insane it was that I could hold 220 JStrike missiles. He asked me why and I asked him where you would put all the extras, and also how could you reload without some sort of droid like in Star Wars. He understood my point, and we both then got excited watching the quick look for H.A.W.X. 2 when we saw the more realistically limited ammo reserves, in addition to having to takeoff/land and refuel in air.
Should be lots of fun.