God damn things that are more cliche than a god damn bugbear

What on earth is a bugbear? I have no idea. But it's been in six games. These things are in more than six games:

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Posted by LXM

I was having a hell of a time finding that last monster, thanks for the tip ;)

Posted by Adaptor

LOL @ Helicopter description! :)

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Posted by Indigo

Awesome list mate. Found it on the Helicopter page ;-)

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Posted by DanielJW

I like the anger and speed with which this was written. It reads a lot like you're going off on a rant right in to my own ear. I like it. Thumbs up, sir!

Posted by madhattervx

Damn freaking bugbear! lol I actually laughed when I figured out that it was one of the "cliche" rpg characters. WTH? I never ever noticed bugbears in Dark Alliance, so the only game I've seen one in is The Bard's Tale...and I had to add it to the article! I mean really guys? No skeletons, but a freaking bugbear? Skeletons are the first thing I looked up after I saw the quest pop up on the dragon page.

Posted by Barranco

The helicopter one is pure brilliance.