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This hacker is an attention whore, he probably has no real life and gains his only feeling of popularity by making people happy by hacking what they request. Pretty much a sell out.

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@iTreefish said:
" Been using this one lately (also posted above by Lumley):  Jolicraft
Another two I cotton to: Frenden & Eldpack
Yeah I am using the Eldpack, its really nicely done.
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Portal 2 is still in my PS3, I beat it a few hours ago though. Great ending!

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Yeah, this is really going to take MC to a new level!

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Dead Space 2

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Hmm, thats a little disappointing. I'm on Chapter 11. 
The trophy can be obtained on my second +playthrough though correct? meaning the trophies are accumulative ?

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So I love how you can do this, but I have a question. 
I only shot out a few on accident towards the beginning of the game, is there a lot of chances to do this where I just didn't notice?

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Why would you be excited for DA2? That game is horrible.

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 UPDATE: over 100 plays, and 50 yays.
Hey guys, I finally published my level, I have been working on it like crazy. I put roughly 50 hours into this beast and it seems to have paid off, people like it, its got about 59 plays I think. 

Anyway please try it, if you like platformers with good aesthetics, and good gameplay, you will like it. 
LevelName:Cave of Treachery 

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