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Sadly, when they say things like "This is a functionality we're interested in providing our players at some point in the future," or "New challenge missions are certainly a good possibility for future content updates or expansions," they are pretty clearly saying that these will cost us money.

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My problem is that I like Chris Taylor, I love Gas Powered Games, but I hate RTS games.  Mostly because I suck at them.

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There's only one arcade game I really miss (and have been unable to find for any console in any form).  It was a stupid little game called WindJammers for the NeoGeo.  It was basically a tournament-style frisbee game.  I don't know why I loved it so much, but man did I love it.  Hopefully the Neo will get some love here, but I doubt it.

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There is a small, locally-owned hole in the wall near my house.  It's billed as a sub shop, but it's basically line cooks doing whatever you ask.  They have a standard burger sub, but that's not why I'm here.  I'm here because of the Kelly Burger.  Named after a former employee who would eat it constantly, it is a full pound (weight AFTER cooking) of ground beef, covered in (American, Swiss or Cheddar) cheese on a 12-inch sub-style bread.  I get it with extra American cheese, Ketchup and a little bit of pickles (otherwise they get a little pickle-happy).  They add salt and pepper, and that's it.  I would eat it every day if doing so wouldn't kill me.
Sorry to resurrect the thread, but the Kelly burger deserves it.
Oh, and the name of the place is Substantial.  I don't know if it's a national chain, but this one's definitely privately owned.

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I agree with Torrim that the PS3 dpad is much more precise and simply feels better to use.  I don't play enough fighters to warrant a control stick, so I rely on the dpad.  That's the only reason I got Street Fighter 4 for the PS3 over the 360.   As for controller wear, I simply don't play my PS3 enough to have this happen, so my controllers are still in tip-top shape (in fact, one is even still in box.  I really don't play my PS3 often).  My 360 controllers (which I've had since launch, one cordless + one corded) however, are both slightly worn.  On the wireless controller, the trigger springs squeak ever so slightly.  And while brand new 360 controllers will have four little nubs for grip on each thumbstick, they are worn smooth on mine.
But to be a little more on-topic, I love Borderlands.  Truly and deeply love it.  It's essentially the game I had wanted when Hellgate: London was announced.  In fact, I can still pinpoint the exact moment I went from really liking this game to absolutely, unabashedly loving it.  I had just gotten a new shotgun with red-text reading "have a nice day".  Now, most of you probably already know what this means, but at the time I had no idea.  I was in town when I inadvertently fired at a wall at about medium range.  I wasn't sure if I had really seen what I thought I had seen, so I fired a few more times.  Sure enough, the pellet spread on the shotgun was in a smiley face pattern.  Core design, art direction, these are things that make a game good.  But it's the little details that make a game great.