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Dex was a drug in Neuromancer. It was short for "Dexadrine".

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What happens when you reach 50 days?

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Giving guns stupid fake names is annoying. For the longest time I thought the FAMAS was a "Clarion" and a Galil, an "IDF Defender". It just spreads misinformation and confusion in a time when remaining ignorant of our world's weapons is becoming less and less acceptable.

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This is how to do it. Don't call it Xcom. Don't imply this is what xcom is from now on. Make it clear that this is a side story.

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Important question, is there another episode tomorrow?

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Damn it Johnny V. You did this didn't you?

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watch it just be a bombastica or jar time :P

It'll be the long-awaited Gerstmann Hall of Fame Bombastic Jar Time in Japan

I want a Japan Bombcastica. Just Jeff, chilling in a hotel room with a bathrobe, a phat jar of clear liquid, and a copy of Battletech: The Crescent Hawk's Revenge.

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Arms companies licensing their iconic products in video games for money? Oh god, I'm sooooooo disturbed.

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This looks interesting. But I'm not sure how this is supposed to be like Dark Souls.

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Meanwhile, Deep Silver marketers are laughing all the way to the bank because not only have they generated more interest in the product itself than the statue would have, they cut back on production costs.

Exactly. Patrick did a great job advertising this game. Now everyone knows about Dead Island Riptide.

Indeed. I had no clue that this thing was coming out before this whole rigamarole. I'm willing to bet that the marketers took a long look at the public's interest in the game and cooked up another hook to get the word out, because they knew a super sad trailer wasn't going to fool anybody this time. Something shocking for people read about on blogs and shake their heads at. I bet the fact that it got interpreted as some kind of sexist hate crime, was a happy accident for them.