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I was under the impression that the whole reason it even is a woman is because its supposed to be a take off on The Venus Di Milo. If it was a man, it would make even less sense.

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I joined Giant Bomb because I was a die hard fan of Alex, Jeff, Brad, Ryan, and Vinny's hilarious antics way back even during the Gamespot days. Just a couple of rad duders, playing some video games and talking nonsense. This ain't that. This is a sermon. I'm being given a "very special message" about how a stupid plastic statue is like a woman getting kidnapped and murdered. Then I'm being informed that if I'm not sufficiently outraged its because I was born with the wrong chromosome. Yeah, a stupid prole like me could never grok the concept that "Using a lady's corpse for decoration is bad taste".

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Oh my god who fucking cares? Its a corpse, who cares what sex it was? I don't. It's cheesy and a waste of money and if you buy it you're dumb. End of discussion. To me, this is the equivalent of that stupid Chainsaw controller that came with RE4. Its supposed to be a gory novelty that's amusing for 2 seconds and then you realize it's garbage. "Heh, its like the Venus Di Milo, but like, with blood. Heh heh...... Why did I pay money for this piece of shit?" It isn't worth moaning about for weeks and weeks and calling for the people responsible to be fired.

This is not why I fell in love with Giant Bomb. I came to Giant Bomb because I was a huge fan of the Gamespot crew, Alex, Jeff, Brad, Ryan etc. having fun and goofing off while playing video games, maybe with occasional discussion of bad rap music or HAM radios. This ain't that. This is a sermon. I'm being delivered "A very special message" while also being told that I can never truly understand why its so offensive because of the way I was born. Yeah, no thanks.

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I remember trying to by Psychonauts day one and not finding it anywhere. It sold so poorly it almost killed Majesco.

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@Kingyo said:

I don't know who the guy next to Biden is but I think it's funny how unbelievably nervous he looks for this whole video :P

That's John Riccitiello, CEO of Electronic Arts.

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Patrick, did you actually play the NRA app? You seem to have included the bare minimum in terms of details about it despite putting it in the byline. Its like you intentionally framed it so that it would sound as insensitive as possible. For instance, saying that the NRA blamed video games in general and not specifically violent video games that don't address the full gravity of killing a person. Now, I don't agree with that sentiment. I think its childish to defer the blame of a heinous crime from the person to the media, and I have a real problem with a lot of what the NRA says and does but a game that aims to educate people on the responsible and safe use of a firearm sounds like an unambiguously good thing to me. Its not like you're using guns to shoot living people in the game, OR ARE YOU? The only information I have to go on is the image. I implore you, inform me. I don't own any Apple products, so I can't check it myself and every article I find about it is inflammatory and clearly biased, playing up the outrage while giving almost no actual information. Give me the deets, please.

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What's weird about teaching people gun safety? Is a kid knowing trigger discipline such a bad thing?

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Activision is capitalizing on name recognition.

>I hear The Walking Dead is the best game of the year, lets get it!

>Wait, is this the game they were talking about? An FPS

>Probably, lets just buy it.

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Is Adam Dickinson a pseudonym for Cboyardee?.

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Illbleed Game Inormer Super Replay,

It must happen.