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Rest in peace, Ryan. You were the greatest host of all time.

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He couldn't ask a friend or family member to pitch in 28 bucks?

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It's fan made. I would love to play something like that though.

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Games that truly scale well should look like utter dog shit on the absolute lowest setting.

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Flyff, which is short for Fly For Fun. Pretty rubbish game, but I thought it was a pretty magical experience back then.

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It's hard to say, because I honestly don't think I will ever trust EA.

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I'm ready. Let's go.

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Bank of America should have won this. Internet polls are fucking worthless.

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Holy crap, nostalgia!

I've literally been trying to track down this game for years now, and I finally fucking found it ten minutes ago! I used to play it extensively in my childhood, but I could only remember two things about it -- lush forest environments and futuristic weapons. No title, no name, no characters or anything else. It has been a source of annoyance since the late 90s.

Suffice to say, I'm in a pretty good mood right now. Looks like this is also the first Guimo thread around here. :D

Have any of you played it before?