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I love Dan. He brings a special character to the team. I also like that he's playing through WoW. Oh the memories of online addiction.

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So today I noticed that my subscription to GB ran out. (Probably because I had changed my credit card no. in the last year).

I went ahead and renewed it and chose 1-year.

After doing so, I went back to the GB homepage and many of the ads were still present.

The only way to fix this was to logout of the GB website, and then log back in.

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I hope there's a Gran Turismo 6 PS4 bundle then - I'll buy that in a heartbeat

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  • General control and feel of the car while racing is pretty good despite the looseness of the PS3 Dualshock controller
  • There's a TON of cars and tracks to choose from (especially compared to Forza 5).
  • Lots of different events that cover pretty much every car class - even the Moon!
  • Personal BGM - This is a big one for me. You can switch the background music to whatever music you have saved on the PS3.
  • A slick, but more efficient user interface makes for less downtime inbetween races.


  • No way to add decals or a more customized paint job to your car (though you can buy cars with preset decals/paintjobs)
  • The graphics are looking a bit dated.
  • The PP rating seems to be more of an issue in this game. I couldn't take a econo sedan, modify it to 500hp, and then expect to enter it into races with other "econo" cars. Yeah, I know it would be ridiculous, but hey, thats why I like doing it. I don't remember the PP rating being a big thing in GT5 (perhaps it was only used in online matches in gt5?)
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First off, I’m not taking any sides whether it be Sony, Ellen Page, or Quantic Dream…

But, here’s some background that I think might be intersting…

I work as a character artist in the game industry. One of the questions that comes up during our production meetings is:

Should we make the entire character including the nude body?

As artists, we usually say “yes”

The reason for this is to actually lessen the work required to make a character.

Since many characters change their clothes from completely covered (shirt, pants) to shorts, tank top, swimwear, etc – it’s often much easier to make a “nude” body because it serves as a base from which we can put different clothes/apparel on. Once the nude body is done, all we have to do change the clothes to fit the situation for that character.

The next question is:

Should they have modeled Ellen Page’s body at all knowing that she should never be seen without clothes?

That depends..

In today’s world where people can hack into games it’s often a good idea to permanently put “underwear-textures” on the “nude” body – so that even if someone hacks the game, all they would get is a person wearing their underwear. Essentially, there would be no “nude” body in that case. –That’s what I usually do to cover my own butt from being blamed if someone hacks the game.

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I'm not much of a Star Trek fan - but for some reason, STO (Star Trek Online) has me hooked. No other game does space combat like STO. The more difficult enemies require you to think about how to attack them (which shield to focus fire on, which weapons to use, which special skill to use, how to position your ship etc.). I've tried Neverwinter and that's got really great action-style combat. It feels more like an action game than a typical MMO - thanks to the fact that there is no "Auto-attack" as is the case with most older MMOs. (In Neverwinter, you actually have to "aim" at your target - whether you are casting a spell, or if you're swinging your sword - but don't worry, it's very easy to do.) I also played Guild Wars 2 for a while, but for some reason, it never hooked me like the orginal Guild Wars. But I must admit, I love the artstyle of Guild Wars 2 - perhaps I'll go back someday and try it again. The funny thing is, a long time ago I would have never thought I'd be playing Free-To-Play MMOs. I guess times change.

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WoW, Skyrim, Super Street Fighter 4, Minecraft, Saints Row the Third, and Starcraft 2.

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I have a Roku 2XS with the GB channel installed. The channel loads just fine, but whenever I click on a video it will not play. I can confirm that other channels work (for instance, I can play all the content on the CNET channel on my Roku).

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