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It'll be pretty badass to watch it come out in comp play in a few months :D

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Sit down and let me school you duders.

It's currently using GGPO which is 'better'. By better it means that a fair match can still be had on a laggy connection by doing intermittent rollbacks. the fighting game community has been fighting for years to get this implemented in the latest capcom games because if you want to talk about unplayable matches, the online lag from SFIV uses a slow down technique.

Now If I'm in offline mode and I've got a character with very delicate timing. A frame slowdown would let me completely drop my links.

GGPO means that I can use the same timing as if I were offline. But they have not let it degrade gracefully which makes system look really clunky and shit, Implemented in skullgirls and SF 3rd Strike it's implemented a lot better with the tearing not so obvious because.. y'know. the sound doesn't cut out randomly.

Matches run fine and I'm in Australia, where the internet is upside-down and I've been able to hit my crispy Lili links. Try it out at a friends house first and see if it's too bad for you.

GGPO is made by fighting game fans and I'm happy it's finally there.

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@Shinji_Rarenai: Ah! thanks for the info Rarenai. Yeah, I heard some brutal rumors about a 'two hour charge' which I've been curious about.

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Super relevant to my interests. Good coverage Patrick. Thanks.

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Pretty keen to find out how long the battery lasted for from full charge

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Thanks guys, this is all really helpful. Hopefully I'll be able to get my friends help with some areas.

I was finally able to kill the butterfly and on my way back to the blacksmith I realized there was a bonfire outside the sealed door... I had been running from the blacksmith each time.

>w< I'm going to be the worst invader.

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I died despite having her help :<

...with 18,000 souls

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How would I go about coordinating summoning into a friends game to help them with a boss?

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I was hoping someone could explain some things about how the White Sign Soapstones work. I placed one before the butterfly boss (in the forest) and then promptly died to the butterfly boss. Does this mean that the sign will still stay on the ground, if i keep playing will I be invited to a boss fight?

I tried looking it up on wiki but I couldn't find any more details besides it's basic use.

If someone could explain the specifics, how long the signs stay, if friends can see them etc that'd be great, I'll then update the wiki with the details :)