Today is the time for action

  My Friend,

One of the fundamental responsibilities of our government is to secure our borders so that our citizens, no matter where they live in our country, can be safe and secure.

Unfortunately, the Obama Administration and Democrats in Congress have not lived up to the federal government's constitutional responsibility to secure our borders. So my Arizona colleague, *Senator Jon Kyl and I introduced a /10-Point Border Security Plan/ to secure our border with Mexico* against illegal immigration, human smuggling, drug trafficking and the brutal violence associated with the drug cartels.

I'd like to know what you think about our nation's border security and that is why I have put together the *2010 Border Security Survey* <>. I ask that you take a few moments to fill out this survey by following this link <>.

I believe we must take action because the fact is clear that our border is not secure and nearly half of all illegal immigrants enter through the Arizona/Mexico corridor. *As I told Sean Hannity on his show, our southern border is broken in Arizona and action is needed.* Our federal government has not devoted the resources necessary to secure the border and the result has been escalating violence and increased numbers of illegal aliens entering our country.

The President says he wants to address the issue, but so far he has not taken action. He has not devoted the resources necessary to secure our border, so we are calling for real action and resources as outlined in our /10-Point Plan/.

As a long-time supporter, I ask that you share your opinion about this crucial security issue through our *2010 Border Security Survey* Your urgent response will enable me to gather the information necessary to show support for secure borders is widespread across America.

*Please take the 2010 Border Security Survey today. *

Border security is key to keeping our homeland safe. We have seen the violence from drug cartels and drug smugglers skyrocket. It is only a matter of time before even more violence pours over our border into the United States. I believe the key to securing our borders is providing the necessary federal resources to do so effectively and efficiently.