So I saw Kinect in action today.

I went to this mall today that I had never been to for a job interview nearby it. After the interview I decided to check out the mall while I was there. It was pretty much a two story airfield filled with stores that sell insanely expensive stuff.  
I walked into a few stores but nothing interesting. That is until out of the corner of my eye I saw a kid making awkward hand gestures towards a large LCD TV. As I got closer I saw that he was playing the bowling mini game from Kinect Sports and doing pretty poorly. It didn't look like the kid was going anywhere anytime soon and I didn't want to stand around too long, so I took a quick look at the Kinect camera and took off.  
While the graphics, colors, and lights were sharp, the movement seemed off. Since I really only got a quick look (heh) and the set up was probably not the best, I can't say much for the quality. The camera was on a TV stand pushed up against the wall and was facing the entrance where people were walking in and out. Also I have no idea of the kids actual bowling skills.  All I can really say about the camera is what everyone else says, "It is bigger than I thought it would be".  
  I had no idea that they even had these set up anywhere besides events or anything.  Has anyone played any games on it?


Can I just say something?

This may just be buzzed rambling but I remember a time when trash talking was reserved for the other team. You could play a game with a group of people you did not know and lose, but go to the post game screen and just talk shit together as a team. I can not get into a game where my own team mate is calling me a cocksucker. Can we at least direct all of this nonsense anger at the other team? 
That is all.

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Let me tell you about Level 7 Games in Denver.

First I wanna start by saying this is not an ad or anything, I just thought I should support local businesses and gaming. In Denver there is not much of a selection of places to buy video games. I usually just go to the Walmart down the street because I am never hassled to get anything else, they are open 24 hours, and usually mess up and charge me less. Other places include Game Stop, Buy Back Games, and a really shady store in the mall. However, I recently found this awesome gem called Level 7 Games. I was coming up on the store heading west and saw the sign. I went in and saw a smaller sized store stuffed with video games. Brand new 360 and PS3 games were on the wall next to almost every system you could want, with all the great games to go along with it. One "employee" is behind the cash register playing an acoustic guitar, two more are sitting on a bean bag chair, dueling in a game of Madden, and the other is in the corner playing a Double Dragon arcade cabinet. I use the word "employee" loosely because they all are volunteers working for free. No one is trying to get you to buy a strategy guide or three more games for an extra 2 dollars off. The real reason for making this post however, is to show you this awesome spray painted mural on the side of the store, so here you go! 

 This is just plain sick.

 Side view

 Close up view of half, Vault Boy approves.


Alight, I know big post, but you can't really see everything unless the pictures are big. I am not gonna post the address or website to spam this website, but if you really want to know just google the name of the store. One last thing, this is a picture on their website saved under "cool burger". Enjoy.
Any bitchin' video game stores near you?

What Giant Bomb is to me.

Giant Bomb is an extra large milkshake. Giant Bomb is a classic car. Giant Bomb is like when you give the cashier 20 dollars for a 8 dollar purchase and they give you 15 dollars back in change. Giant Bomb is an ice cold beer after a fucked up day. Giant Bomb is like the Rockies winning the world series. Giant Bomb is a lazyboy recliner. Giant Bomb is the drug that keeps on giving. Giant Bomb is a king sized bed. Giant Bomb is a house that is cooled to 65 degrees. Giant Bomb is home.

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