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Kennesaw, Georgia, USA

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got one too, haven't been sent any info on how to access yet, and it seems like it is only for ps3 atm.

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Have we seen anything about the PC version? Will it use that terrible Ubisoft DRM? That's probably going to push me toward buying or not, I don't have a 360/ps3 hooked up anymore.

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I live in Atlanta, and we have some shit crazy traffic on the major highways. The limit is 55-65 in a lot of places but the norm for traffic is 80ish, sometimes more. Usually the cops around here will let you go unless you are drawing attention to yourself or are going >80mph.

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I'm looking for more ps4 friends. Feel free to add me. kurtkless

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Eastern US

Forza, KI, ?

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I think this reinforces that analysts are full of shit. We've been saying for years now that the slower sales were related to how long in the tooth 360/ps3 were. All consumers wanted was new hardware. That being said, I think this is not a surprising number. They knew months ago that sales were going to be approaching this through preorders alone. The real test will be how well these systems sell in the next six months. At the end of the day, cost will be a factor. Personally, I'm a Xbox guy but having a hundred dollar difference is going to kill continued sales. With games at 60 a pop, and PS+ providing a steady stream of "free" games to make you feel better about your purchase I think we are going to see an eventual tank for Xbone sales. With the impending MS CEO choice, there is a lot of talk about Xbox being spun off or killed off. It makes financial sense for them. My guess, five years from now there will be PS4/WiiU/PC and MS will quietly get out of the party.

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i got one but I had to hunt for it... One local target (the one I got ps4 from on launch day) claimed it was not for sale til next week, so some people in your area might not have heard that it was moved up.

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Not as crazy about the ps+ games as everyone else is. Killzone has been underwhelming but pretty. AC4 is only marginally better than the PS3... I probably would be way more into this if I had not played the first few hours on PS3. So far, the best has been NFS. That game was very hard to find in my area (Atlanta), but its been the most fun I've had with the system. Going to try some BF4 later today.

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