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Exciting/Exciting is what I feel.

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I need to start taking it more seriously than I ever had before.

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Thanks for the info xen. I now have it playing on Foobar2000.

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Very nicely with Kavinsky. Haven't tried out the Drive soundtrack yet, thanks for the heads up.

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The Max Payne series was always one that I have wanted to play for the longest of time. I never had a PS2/Xbox to play the ports nor did I have a PC to play the original. Now, after so many years of forgetting about the series, Rockstar announced the upcoming release of Max Payne 3. I finally have a decent PC to possible run it and so I pre-purchase it off steam and through the deal offered, received Max Payne 1 and 2 (Fall of Max Payne). Max Payne 1 is my favorite out of the entire series because it just imposes all this noir elements written within comic-book visuals. Sure the plot goes crazy conspiracy by the end but it works because the overall game isn't being made to be taken serious. Max Payne 2 though goes the opposite direction somewhat. The comic book visuals are more detailed and the plot is more grounded than its predecessor but it just seemed to be a bit too real for my taste although I did like the direction of having it focus more on Max and Mona Sax.

Then the wait for Max Payne 3 finally ends just this last Friday and after preloading it, I started to play the Story Mode. Immediately it must be said the visuals are fantastic and the direction of this game is completely different than the other two previous ones and it really cant be compared to them. In the first 2 games, the reason Max was in these situations was because he had a direct involvement in them: Max Payne was trying to find the murderers for his family and the 2nd involving Mona Sax and the exploring that plot with the outcome of the first game being a part of it. This game is more of the lines of having the character be put in a different setting for monetary gains until later on in the story they then become more personal. I managed to finish it Saturday evening and the most disappointing aspect about it was the fact that the story was a bit short. The story managed to wrap up greatly and I was satisfied with it but it just didn't seem to justify the pricetag by itself. Maybe I should replay it on a harder difficulty than Normal and put some effort into the multiplayer. I suppose that if it wasn't for the first 2 games being available for free (and then LA Noire later on) then it wouldn't really be worth it. Just some words

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What's Happening. PC gaming is primary choice now since I managed to build a worthwhile rig. I like to think I read comic books but all I managed to do was read 100 Bullets and I'm currently checking out The Goon and The Sandman. If there is any suggestions for a series then feel free to let me know.

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Is there any place where they sell the soundtrack in FLAC?