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that was very funny!

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Glad you enjoyed it :)

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G-Phoria is supposed to be awards given to games chosen by gamers, there's millions of Halo fanboys that could have gotten it game of the year. Sorry I can't help with the tree trunk question, I never have gotten into the Harvest Moon games, and never will.

I was surprised it was as long as it was, but I really enjoyed it.

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Words.... words cannot describe how much I loved this podcast. I would need to do an interpretive dance and basket of cannoli to come close in demonstrating my ecstasy in listening to it. Ass cannoli.. the 69.. the BEETLE... and of course the 69... god, there was so much.... And Jake Gyllenhaall was at my school with toby maguire. And yes, I did start writing peter parker. *sigh*. 

Thank you, Kush, for the best thing my ears have ever heard.
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@Symbollic: I know Gphoria is chosen by the fans, but it doesn't make sense for Halo 3 to be GOTY, yet not "Shooter of the Year" ...their fanboys are only able to vote for one category? idk...any the show is weekly and lasts an hour and a half each time.

@Virago: Lol. I did what I set out to do and it seems like I was a success. I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

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Good point there.. maybe a conspiracy is at hand, Bungie paid some people, corruption! I highly disagree with Halo 3 being game of the year when it was released in September of 2007.. Bioshock will be better than the Halo series any day..

Entertaining show, I'll be sure to tune in next week. :)

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