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To quote Arthur Geis from Twitter:

giving kids two ways to lose their expensive collectible toys (or just part of them) is goddamned evil genius.
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If the GB crew were confirmed to go with a panel, I'd buy tickets in a heartbeat. But the undecided situation of that leaves me hesitant as I'd also have to fly down from Sydney. I mean, visiting my sister at least once would be nice, but PAX would still be the main objective.

So I hope tickets don't sell out before an official word is given!

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I have it in my feed so it downloads for me. I'm not sure about their streaming player.

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Hello everyone,

This was the panel which Jeff was on during PAX Prime regarding reviews.

Arthur has tacked an audio version onto the end of this weeks episode (151 9/14/2012) of the Rebel FM podcast.

It starts at 1:40:05 if you want to skip the actual show, but it's also a good podcast to listen to if you have the time.


The episode can be found here

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A little tangent off the main issue at hand but. I don't like the name, this controversy kind of tarnishes the name of the very enjoyable < something > Story games by Kairosoft.

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Username: Foxkeh

Summoner Level: 30

Main Champion: None, I usually play whatever is needed. However I don't really have an affinity for any of the available tanks at the moment. Recently I've been playing alot of Vayne however.

I'm in the US server playing normal or ranked games. You can find me in the Giant Bomb channel too if you want a game!

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Good to see them take it back to working on clavicles.

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Looks like the predictions were right for DCU, a batman inspired mask for the players.

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<Insert train pun here>
Choo choo!

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I'm a wizard, and this is pretty damn exciting.

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