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I hope the shoebox comic goes after the fact he didn't use the cover of the shoebox.

That really needed more attention.

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It just needs something mentioning egg whites somewhere and you got yourself a classic for the ages.

I could even imagine seeing it in a newspaper.

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So I guess some stuff happened while I was away. I caught the flu and was not able to do much first person shooting.

I'm gonna add most of the people here and hopefully be able to play some games again. The game is dirt cheap on Amazon again so I hope that brings more people!

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I sent out more invites to everyone. I should be on this weekend to play if anyone is interested.

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Sorry for the delay. I added everyone who sent me a friend request and sent some out.

I'll add you guys into the syndicate too if you are interested. It's coming along nicely with people that play pretty regularly.

We also have people looking to finish off harder missions if anyone is interested in that.

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If anyone is interested in playing send me an invite too. I've been trying to get some people to play with for a while.

Origin ID is KWA223.

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So a quick update. I met some people playing the game and I got a friend request from someone wanting to play and Syndicate After Death has 2 new members.

So we're getting close to being able to set up 4 person games if anyone following this topic is interested. I should be on tomorrow and the weekend so if you're interested let me know.

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I'll add both you guys that left your IDs. Mine is KWA223.

I was also thinking about making a syndicate so all of us could keep track of people interested in playing but if there is still a popular one I'd love some info. I just worry most of the people managing that stuff have moved on.

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I've really wanted to get into the multiplayer since buying it on Amazon and it is a shame how empty it is.

It'd be cool if we could get some people together for a weekend or two to play.

Edit: So I created a Syndicate for people looking to play this game, Syndicate After Death. I also noticed this topic has a bit of views so if people are interested in playing send a friend request on Origin to KWA223 and I'll add you in.

Hopefully we can get some game going soon.

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Kinda but the face is different