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Sounds good to me!

Only thing I'd add is that I'm not a fan of having multiple games in 1 video, without good indexing. I've often found that I'm interested in only 1 or 2 games in an Unprofessional Friday and it can be a bit difficult to jump to those specific game(s). I realize that's the format for UF and I'm fine with that but I wouldn't want that annoyance to expand to this new format as well.

Anyway, good to see you guys continue to innovate!

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Let's just hope they don't fuck it up like the Duke Nuke'm cash-in...

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Dumb agents aren't that big of a problem when you have unlimited transportation capacity (e.g. for water and power and sewage) but become a much bigger problem when your "pipes" can have congestion. Sure the water agents may take a bit longer to fill all the requests, but it'll get there eventually.

For traffic though, taking 5x longer to reach a destination means occupying capacity for 5x longer than you need.

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@TJUK: With today's patch for 1080p video on the PC, the files to rename are now:

  • ESRB.bik
  • Logo_2KFiraxis.bik
  • UE3TechLogo.bik
  • XCOMLogo.bik
  • 1080_UE3TechLogo.bik
  • 1080_Logo_2KFiraxis.bik
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@Spoonman671: Me neither. My eyes hurt T.T

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Awesome, this works for the full version too.

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@Sackmanjones: My understanding is that there are story missions as well as random missions (e.g. UFO landed and started terrorizing civies so go kill aliens, shoot down UFO then investigate the crash, etc.).

There seem to be story-related tasks like "build containment facility" followed by "capture an alien" and then "interrogate alien".

If it's like the original, this will culminate in reaching the alien mothership or homeworld
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@natedawg_kz: yes I believe so:!

  • PC Special Edition (physical) - In the US, this is the only physical version being sold. It will also be available in most international territories from major retailers.
  • PC Standard Edition (physical) - Only available in certain international territories as a lower-cost alternative to the special edition.
  • PC Standard Edition (digital) - Digital copies of the game will be the Standard Edition.
  • Xbox 360 Standard Edition
  • PlayStation 3 Standard Edition
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@Jams: From the official forums, Steamworks (box copies require steam)

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Xenonauts is intended as an expanded remake with many of the systems from the original still in place.

Much of XCOM:EU is redesigned, but inspired by the original.

Both have a place on my HDD, and I hope both will be great. But I'm more pumped for EU probably b/c of the larger marketing budget, new ideas, and b/c it's only 2 weeks away :D