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 Longtime gamer (started off with a Commodore 64, migrating up to a 8086 XT PC (4 mhz and 512kb RAM, kick-ass!!!). Have owned at least one console in every generation since the SNES. Big fan of racing games/sims, the more realistic, the better. Moderate skills in shooters (age working against me, twitch relexes getting harder to summon nowadays)... I think of myself as a great Guitar Hero player, although in reality I really suck (have yet to finish GH3 on hard!!!), but it's so damn rewarding when it all comes together (and makes you really feel like a Guitar hero, with your plastic fisherprice lookalike guitar.) Favorite games include GTR2, Forza 3, Guitar Rock Band 2, Grim Fandango, COD4, Civilization 4, Flightsimulator X, Grand Prix Legends, GT Legends, Geometry Wars (2 is awesome), GTA Series etc. My XBL gamertag is KwyjiboNL77 for those who want to join in some laid back gaming.