My top 10 all time favorite game

In no particular order, subject to change...

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Posted by RolexDPracer

Wow. Forza 3 beat out GT-R 2, and  Grand Prix Legends? Wow!

Posted by Kwyjibo

Well it does say 'In no particular order', doesn't it? In all fairness, you have to see those games in their context; when GPL came out, there was nothing like it on any platform, same goes for the GTR/GTL series, of which I think GTR2 is the best, but Forza 3 is just the completest sim-package money can buy now, and it's physics are more realistic and high tech than a lot of people realize... That is what Polyphony Digital doesn't seem to understand, as it feels like the have recycled the same physics since Granturismo 1...