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Time well spent.

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Still not buying one. The PS4 is still the more powerful and less expensive console and this is coming from someone who never owned a PS3.

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This looks crazy, in a good way, actually. Haha, what the hell - Final Fantasy kinda looks fun again.

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Well fuck you, too, Ubisoft - I ain't gonna buy Splinter Cell Blacklist, AC4 or any of your games (though a proper sequel to Anno that isn't Anno Online might make me break that pledge). Being a bunch of shady businessmen shouldn't be rewarded.

edit: it sucks for the developers who actually bust their ass but hey, no perfect solutions.

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This seems like a horrible match up, Gearbox hasn't ever made an RTS. I can't see any sequel developed by Gearbox being any good, but boy I'd like to be wrong about that.

Homeworld will now be a FPS with lots of expensive, dumb cosmetic DLC and a story that is full of Reddit memes. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaayuuuuuuuuugggggggghhhhhhhh

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I like how their excuse is "we didn't anticipate so many players, and people would play for so long!!!" when SimCity is a beloved, legendary franchise that millions have played and loved (Hell, I've been playing the damn games for 2 decades now). I think they've been spending too much time on FaceBook thinking video game players only play games for 20 minutes at a time. Never at any point in the series history was it a game you play in short bursts, when you're building a city you're gonna spend at the very least an hour or two.

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The word of mouth for this game is already polarized to hell and back. Way to scare away potential customers and piss off everybody who already bought the game.

I find it hard to believe that nobody at the companies saw this coming.

"Everybody has to sign into the EA servers first before they can play."

"Shouldn't we test and make sure we'll be able to handle launch day and beyond?"


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But who's gonna make games where you shoot people in the first person now?!

ME. Mwahaha.

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We pretend we care about violence, then in the same breathe use our expensive war machines to murder countless people in other countries. It's almost like I'm living in a bad dream when the same media outlets who trumpeted our march to war act like they give one tiny shit about violence or people getting hurt. They only hate violence when its violence they don't approve of, and then to point the finger at video games, music or movies is ridiculous, because those are just the effects of our love of violence, the disparity of the rich and poor, and lack of opportunities for the poor and needy.

If everyone had a job that actually paid all the bills (and left some over for saving/night on the town/birthday presents) and universal healthcare I'd bet we'd see a huge drop in violence. Then we wouldn't have people having to rob others to feed their sons and daughters, and parents wouldn't have to go bankrupt trying to get their kid some help (or at the very least, we'd have less).

But I digress, excellent article, Alex. I figure as the years go on, there will be less stigma to being "someone who plays video games." It's obviously a double standard and is like going "OH so you listen to music? PFFF loser."

I'm also kinda sick of shooting people in games unless it got something unique surrounding it, like S.T.A.L.K.E.R for instance. (seriously try the stalker games if you haven't people)