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4x times better screen than the current iPhone. HD, glass ~__~ I can't even imagine it *_° 
It looks gorgetasticious! Never expected them to do something that big. 
I hope they'll do some great things with videos, I watch them a lot on my current iPod Touch. Can't wait, and hopefully they won't sell it at a hellish price like €750 in Europe.

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PSN: fritburger 2. I also have a gamertag but can't remember it right now.

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I guess Japanese people'll like things like that. 

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I've noticed this earlier... 
Why do people have to complain because they don't understand what Fal'Cie, l'Cie, Cocoon or Pulse are? We know this since 2008 and it has been repeated so many times that you should know it right away. It are only 4 words,  there are games that are more difficult to understand than this one >_<. 
 I say, continue playing. It's a great RPG, with a lot of value and depth. The story'll get interesting and you still have to experience a lot of great things. I personally loved the game, never thought that Square Enix would be able to create such a great lore after what they've done in FFX 7 years ago. Keep playing!